Oh My! It’s Thai!

11 05 2009

I know I promised you all a short story, and I really did want to write one. In fact, the request for inspiration that I sent out came back in spades. 

I am now writing a children’s book. Illustrations and all. I would tell you all about it but I’m afraid that some kind of internet-surfing-inspiration-parasite will steal my idea and get it published first. And I’m headed to the other side of the country with a very limited amount of money in my pocket and anything that might help support me is to be protected.


At this moment I am full of Thai food (thanks Dad for dinner!) and sitting in a bonus room that is FULL of someone else’s mess. Mom has her scrapbooking stuff spread out literally across the whole floor. It makes me happy to look out at the chaos and to know that I won’t have to clean it up.

Last night I told my boss that I am moving and his first words were “Are you going to move away, get married and have a family?” I almost laughed out loud. “Uh.. no. I mean… that would be nice and all but it’s not the reason.” 

Side note- Show Boat at Village is going to be really good. 

I got coloring books for my birthday and I don’t think I’ve been happier in years. They are the kind I always loved as a child- super detailed with little descriptions that add to my general knowledge of the world. 

Jane Austen movies make me happy but mostly because of the clothes.

Is there an “end” button on macs?

Oh I remembered what I wanted to post! Last night I had a dream that I had moved to a new city. I was walking around the college campus in the new city talking with a girl I used to do theatre with. She showed me an awesome clothing boutique that sold fingerless gloves. (I’ve been looking for the above since the beginning of the tour. This particular girl had the very best fashion sense of anyone I knew in high school.) The gloves were displayed hanging down from the ceiling on these neat-o hand warmers. When you touched them the display warmed your hands up! Carina Shaw was there shopping and chatting up the salesgirl. When I went to get into my car (that had been parallel parked outside the college campus) my car was gone. It had been replaced by a Ford the size of the battery-powered cars that kids drive around. I was pissed and some guy next to me was trying to convince me of what a great car it was. It wasn’t mine! I got in and drove it around but it was not right at all and I was SO angry. The guy (who I knew had had a hand in stealing my real car) kept trying to convince me that the little one was great. I was having none of it. 

Make of that what you will. I have some pretty good ideas myself….




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11 05 2009
Tracie Loux

Hey if you find a cheap way to get children’s books self-published let me know. the kids and I have a few in the making.

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