It’s a bright new world…

6 05 2009

Remember a couple of posts ago how I mentioned my desire to be reborn into the world of mac? 

Meet Stella… She’s sleek and bright, has that new computer smell and is made of a single piece of aluminum. That’s right, I’ve got the new macbook! 

We aren’t best friends yet- I still don’t know how to do most of the many things that this computer can do, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn. There is no doubt in my mind that we shall soon be inseparable.  

I don’t have very long to write an update, but I had to celebrate with you all! I HAVE A MAC!

More coming soon…




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6 05 2009


6 05 2009

Thank you oh dearest Jenny! I have a plot hatching about how/when you all should see Showboat. I am thinking maybe you would like to come to the Friends and Family night? It would be this Sunday evening… I will text you or something very soon.

6 05 2009
Jennifer James

aaron is going to be so jealous. He’s desperate for an upgrade.

6 05 2009

Yeah but he needs a pro… I just have the regular kind.

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