6 05 2009

I was tutoring math today and I realized that I could no longer remember what exactly a “quark” is- the thought cause me some serious distress. (Quarks are elementary particles that combine to form hadrons like protons and neutrons.) I think this means that I should go back to school in the fall or winter. If I stay back any longer I will never finish and it would be silly NOT to finish. Besides, I miss the challenge and hoop-jumping involved in higher education.

I still love my new computer. I’m wondering if I could get it engraved with some kind of cool design… I mean, it’s made of aluminum for Pete’s sake! 

I had a vision the other day of standing on a mountain top in a dress straight out of 1908. I then watched “Miss Potter” and had an almost out of body experience. The clothes are straight out of the picture the Lord gave me AND her engagement ring was a sapphire surrounded by diamonds. Of course, her parents were awful and her fiancee died before they ever got married… but she was also an immensely imaginative person and incredibly successful author. I have no idea if the things are even connected but I like to think that there is meaning in there somewhere.

When I miss my best friend I eat chicken pot pie. Not a constructive way to work through feelings, but a delicious way to do so!

My new keyboard was really easy to get used to.

I want a summer dress made of chiffon, and am currently deciding if the punishment of sewing with seven layers of chiffon would be worth the reward of a twirly skirt. 

The person who suggests the best idea for a story will get a fully developed and utterly wonderful story. I want to write something but need help with inspiration. (That means you! Better suggest something!!)

Marriage is not a business arrangement. 

I sleep for a couple of hours almost every afternoon. I wish I could feel bad for doing this, but its a really wonderful schedule for the night-owl in me. 

I now know how the little mermaid felt. It’s been raining for days and it really does feel like I am living underwater. My bedroom window is angled (and sheltered by trees) such that the water literally pours down the glass. It doesn’t bead up like you would expect to see. The effect is as if someone decided to put a water feature just on the other side of the glass. It could explain why I sleep so much- what else is a human supposed to do underwater? 

I’m going to see a high school production of “High School Musical” tomorrow. Well, first I’m picking up my bridesmaid’s dress, then I will be going to the play. An almost-sister of mine has the lead and this school puts on high quality shows so it’ll be good.

Happy birthday Granny the Great! Thanks for loving us all so well!!

I want to travel. Badly. The more I travel the more I want to travel. It’s a sickness. Hawaii anyone?

That’s enough. My hands are tired of typing. Loves!




2 responses

7 05 2009
Jennifer James

I keep wanting to write a short story about a man who loses his iphone and forgets how to function in the normal world. I think you suggested two great ideas

“marriage is not a business arrangement”
“what else does a person do underwater?”

But I shall suggest a few more things.

– what would happen to you if you had evil GPS?
– Sometimes a tourniquet is the only thing that works
– how awkward would it be to live forever, but have no short term memory?

9 05 2009
granny the great

Thank you Meghan!! And thank you again for the plant and the beautiful little painting. Both are inspiring. as are you. xoxox

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