Tender Self! Be Gentle Please

28 04 2009

And don’t mind me if I can’t quite meet your eye. I’m in major culture shock, people. Today the best part of my day was wandering around the woods like a fleece-clad Jane Austen character. No, I wasn’t looking for my Mr. Darcy but I was enjoying clambering over, under and around moss-covered fallen trees. I found one potato bug, three kinds of purple flower, a half dozen children just home from school, some dirt, some bees, a lot of wind and a thoroughly enjoyable swing.

Also a poem from the Lord written in dandylions and green grass.

Point being, I am not yet fully functional around people here in the Emerald Isle. I find being in public to be quite pointedly painful to my spirit. It’s an awkwardness- an old coat that doesn’t fit anymore but you stuff yourself into it anyway because it’s the only coat that goes with your shoes. I’m thankful for it at the same time it irks me. It makes the thought of moving easier to bear. Wilmington may not be an old coat (it’s rather more a pair of excellent flip-flops) but at least it seems to fit!

So that’s that for today. My hair is big, my heart is tired, my feet enjoyed their walk (as did the rest of me) and I spent some time drawing. It was a good day.

Also, I highly recomend throwing yourself a tea party. It did wonders for me!



3 responses

29 04 2009

tea parties where you are in dress up clothes are really the best. Perhaps we should have one of those?

I now know I make excellent cucumber sandwiches

29 04 2009

Oh Megs… No matter what anyone tells you… you’ve not gone crazy. :). I’m always missing my flip flops… but not forever.

Bless you!

29 04 2009
granny the great

Can’t wait to see you– I guess I’d better hurry!

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