Hail the Victorious Dead!

26 04 2009

So many things have died on this tour: one frog that Sue squished while driving through VA on the way to the airport, my heart (dead unto Life) and most of my ideas about what my future holds, a thousands opinions I had about how I should or should not function, not to mention my computer. RIP Dell-with-the-great-keyboard. I’m believing that God will resurrect my technology in the world of the Mac.

It’s late at night, my legs are sunburned (thanks alot Wrightsville Beach!) and my heart is moved to update my blog. I cannot begin to fill you all in on what an amazing time these last weeks have been. I can say only that it was the people met and the relationships built that really meant the most to me. I have begun to learn how to live.

I can now share a bathroom with up to four other people without screaming.
I can nap through any amount of clatter.
I can go for days without a nap if I need to, though the experience is less than enjoyable.
Meeting God in parking lots in the middle of the night is an acceptable recourse to lack of solitude.
My level of respect for administrators and logistics people (let the reader understand 🙂  ) has increased exponentially.
I’m a painter by trade and proud to be so.
When no-one can get out the door before 1pm the most dramatic reaction I have is collapsing on the floor screaming “I AM TIRED OF ORGANIZING PEOPLE” and that happens rarely.
All you have to do is look at me and say “Pray in tongues” and I remember to do so and calm down.
I don’t wear makeup on a day to day basis.
I can wear the same clothes for 4.5 weeks without it bothering me.
I love Tom Petty, but mostly for sentimental reasons since I probably wouldn’t know a great guitar lick if it hit me over the head with a semi-mummified trout.
Rubber boots are the height of fashion.
My giftings and abilities have just as much value as other peoples.
Who I am is not a handicap. My life has been pleasant and I will not apologize for it, nor am I supposed to.
I can go weeks without watching movies and TV is icky.
“Home is where the soymilk is” (Or cranberry juice, if you are me)
“I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, I was too busy staring at your teeth” is the funniest joke ever.
It’s ok if your only moments of solitude and peace last a maximum of 40 seconds. God can meet you really quickly when you need Him to.
The little lady in the jewelry store in the Cotton Exchange who let me try on rings is the nicest woman ever.
I know a snare from a tom and where the high hats are.
Just ask me what a pedal board is!
Sometimes you just have to frolic, and if you frolic with enough conviction you can get almost anyone to join you.
Nazarites win.
Fancy showers in fancy houses do good things for my heart.
It’s all about the salad.
God moves. Doesn’t matter what your ability level is. It’s about the yes in your heart not the skill in your hands.
It’s ok to have feelings. It’s NOT ok to freak out at people because they ate your cereal. Misdirected emotion is never good for anyone.
“I’m just praising Jesus”
“I just need to get above it all” <— Thank you Jesus for the crow’s nest!
Dancing in the ocean is hard. Frolicing in the mucky sand will probably get you scraped knees. It’s all totally worth it.
I talk in my sleep, but I say nice things. “Oh are you ok? I love you” and “I like you”. Nice to know that I’m edifying while I snooze.
I want to be a sound engineer. For serious.

I’m worn out, kids. I took a four hour nap yesterday, slept ten hours last night, took a three hour nap today and am going to bed very soon. If anyone knows where I can get a good refurbished computer, or has some money to donate to my “I need a new computer” fund, or knows how to fix my old one let me know. I shall bribe you all with frequent blog posts!

Other than that, be blessed, live free and don’t forget to praise the Maker.




3 responses

27 04 2009

I am so happy for the update!!! Bless you and WElcome home… can’t wait for you to join the Mac ranks.

27 04 2009

Jenny, are you brilliant enough (and I think you are!) to help me shop for a new computer?

Just a thought…
Also, we should hang out soon!

28 04 2009
granny the great

Welcome back lovely girl!!! I love your blog. ( Oh- and you too!)

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