Warsaw: The Edge of NoWhere

11 04 2009

I know this is a long overdue update. I haven’t even written anything about Fredericksburg, much less our two-day stay in Wilmington or our grand accomadations in the wonderful non-town of Warsaw, NC.  And I’m sorry that you are all missing out on those stories, but I can’t say that I am particularly sorry that I haven’t written anything in a while. Sometimes, when you are struggling, sitting down to write a breezy newsy blog post seems hard. Also, it’s hard to find enough time in an internet-full location where you can think quietly to write a full sentence, much less an entire blog-post.

So there. There is the introduction to all the stories I can think up in the next couple of hours. (The writing of this post will be interupted for a Team Meeting of St Lorel and the Roadies but I will finish it as soon as I can.)

Lets start with Fredericksburg….

We rolled into town but our host and hostess were still at work so the Three Muskateers (Sue, Andrea and myself) had to bum around Fredericksburg for most of the day. We visited the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace, I upped  my text messaging at the Verizon store, we sat outside Starbucks on the curb and at one point we went to Red Robin. 

When we DID finally end up at our host home I could have cried for sheer joy. It was beautiful and our “parents” were kind and very generous. They bought us groceries and tea and let us just do our own thing. There was also a soaking room painted blue and decorated beach-ish. It was pretty much the best room ever.

Fredericksburg was really wonderful. The Awaken the Dawn team had the whole world running at top efficiency. (Well except for that whole running-out-of-gas-in-the-middle-of-St.Lorel’s-last-set-and-the-generator-dying thing)

I painted five paintings and sold none, though I’m ok with that since I’m sure to sell some here in NC. The music was good, the speakers were amazing (Props to Allen Hood, Leif Hetland, Shara and the rest).  Best of all, Jesus was there!

Parts of the team went back to Wilmington to stay for a couple of days. They were not our best days, though Wilmington is beautiful and it was nice to not be in a hotel. My birthday was spent making soup and waiting for everyone to get themselves together. We watched Australia and had chocolate cake. Good times.

Then we packed it up (which took several extra hours) and the entire crew hauled themselves up to Warsaw NC, about thirty minutes away from the nearest Wal Mart, and equally long way away from the nearest decent food (Ruby Tuesday’s). Though, there IS a Piggly Wiggly on every corner. God save me from contempt! 

We actually hit up the Wal Mart last night after dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. I think WM may be the hot date spot in this area of NC. Also, there are 5.5 million pigs in this county.


It really is lovely out here, though. Lots of flowers and trees and long country roads.

We’re staying at the local Holiday Inn Express and trekking out to the tent every day. Today Andrea and Laureen are doing a devo set at two pm so we all need to be out the door by 12:30. Every day we’ll have six or eight hours at the tent. It should be an adventure. Regardless, He is worthy.

There are thousands of little stories to tell, but my fingers are tired and I’m not really dressed yet for the day. Maybe tonight I’ll have time to add more. Loves to all my dear family (please pray for my mom as she fights bronchitis) and I will talk to you all soon!




3 responses

11 04 2009
Father Smith

Thanks Meg…enjoyed the update. Love to you!

11 04 2009
granny the great

Good job— takes some real committment!!!

14 04 2009

Believe it or not … I really, really, really miss the Three Muskateers!
My life was changed by your presence and the fragrance of Christ that you each left behind will remain 🙂 Blessings from your mom in Fredericksburg!

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