Awaken The Dawn

2 04 2009

Awaken the Dawn begins today. All us staff got up to the tent at around 9am this morning for a quick staff briefing/badge handout. They told us where the food is, where the staff parking is, who to talk to for what etc. They also passed out the “Event Staff”, “Band Access” and “All Access” badges. Event staff gets food, Band Access can go on the stage and All Access can hang out with the speakers in the green room plus everything else. The guy tried to hand me “Event Staff” and I (knowing that, as part of the St Lorel team, I would be painting ON the stage) asked for Band Access. He goes “Are you serious?”

“Because if you’re not I’ll get in a whole lot of trouble.”
“No I really am. I’m on Timothy’s…”
[Michael interjects] “No man, she’s on the team. Really.”

Now I have Band Access. Whoot. Whoot.

Sue and I are taking some time to run errands and shower before the event starts at two. My wonderful parents are going to bless me with a North Face so I don’t have to freeze for the next week. God is so kind to me. Also, I got medication for my nose in the form of saline and Aleve-D sinus and cold. Already I feel better.

Having Holy Spirit encounters all morning. Actually, for the last 24 hours. All kinds of life-related revelation just keeps falling on my head. It’s really sweet and very kind of Him.

Looking forward to the event. It’s gonna be awesome. We have to get Ned from the airport tonight but if I have time I’ll update you on the event.





5 responses

2 04 2009

Good deal. Except that there is no green room! Whoops!

2 04 2009
Father Smith

Sorry there is no green room! But you can still walk around showing off your pass saying “Backstage, Backstage!”.

Love to you my dear…may your fingers stay warm.

4 04 2009

Sounds like you are having too much fun and having too much fun is totally allowed and its your inheritance.

I like reading about your adventures. Inspires me to live some.

….and write some poems about em


6 04 2009
Donna James

If you or all of the Smith clan come to Ichthus you can have backstage passes and food and VIP tent food and access——(the on stage pass I have never had)-but we can get Jeff to take us up there!!!! It would be so much fun!!!
Just to experience a hillside of 20,000 youth taking communion is amazing —–Mr. Marcus would weep!! Just offering—–love, Donna

8 04 2009
granny the great

We miss you sweet lady! But we rejoice with you. Your’e the best.

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