Washington DC- The Event

28 03 2009

Last Wednesday was the Freedom Tour event on the Mall in Washington DC. There were so many different feelings and impressions and moments that to boil it all down would be messy and probably wrong. So bear with me while I try and communicate a thousand facets of the day. (Remembering that these are MY feelings and could be totally opposite from everyone elses. There, I’m done with disclaimers now.)

First of all, in the physical it was a difficult day. It was cold and windy, the sides of the tent were not set up and I was nursing a pretty messy cold. The weather, though, turned into a strange bonding thing. A woman who sat next to where I was painting had brought bags of gloves, blankets, jackets etc and lended me the greatest fleece-lined gloves. My frozen fingers rejoiced. Every so often I would look over at my fellow worshipers and wonder at the love of Christ that would bring us all out to freeze and exalt Him publicly in our nation’s capitol.

Most of the day is a blur. I prayed as I could and walked to keep warm. It was a struggle all day because I felt disconnected from what was going on, as though my spirit was in a fog. I could see just in front of me but the bigger picture was entirely lost. It was painful to my heart, but the Lord was kind in the midst (as He always is).

I painted during the St Lorel set. There was no clear vision for what I was to paint, and the Lord only gave me an image of rain that was His spirit pouring over the city of DC. He later added the swirled image of the Trinity that I painted in Wilmington. It was as I entered into worship (and often only when I’d paused to try and warm up my hands) that He gave me the next piece. I have a heart-satisfaction with that painting that I have never experienced with a painting. Especially since, in the natural, I don’t really like it. It is exactly what it was meant to be.

He is kind.

Only now, four days later, am I beginning to see that the event itself had meaning that was completely seperate from what I would say in the Natural. It was about Unity- about the Bride- about corporate worship that stands as a witness to His Beauty and Goodness. There was no side purpose, no higher aim than to glorify He who is Worthy of all.

So there you go. It’s much better in hindsight with warm hands and time to process.




4 responses

28 03 2009

Are you taking picutres of your paintings? I would love to see them.

28 03 2009

I have the paintings out of the trailer. Now I’m just waiting for natural light to get the actual photographs done. Expect something tomorrow for sure.

(Thanks for commenting Robin! I appreciate you!)

29 03 2009

Thanks for the update my dear!

29 03 2009
granny the great

You certainly know how to put your feelings into words. What a gift! And the painting is fascinating. Do show us more. xoxox

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