The Tent, The Mall, The DAY

24 03 2009

Today was the setup day for the tent. We have the plot of land on the Mall that is closest to the Capitol building. This morning at o-dark-thirty all our Strong Men rolled out to head to the Mall for the setup.  Sadly, once there, the Strong Men had to stand around picking their noses for an hour because the hard hats hadn’t shown up and it’s Mall law that all set-up crews have hard hats. No-one wanted to be beaten up by Capitol Police so they followed the rules.

I didn’t wake up until 9:30.

This morning I got up, ate breakfast, fed Kiley hard-boiled egg and then rolled up my sleeves and helped to make 50 sandwiches for the Strong Men. (I forgot but there were a few Strong Women too. The Strong Men and Strong Women will hereafter be referred to as The Crew.) I threw on some nicer clothes and my coat and we all loaded up two vehicles with babies, food, drink and accessories.

When we’d almost reached the Mall Jake called me and mentioned that he had a little time before his lunch appointment and was I on the Mall? I was so we met up and I got to walk a few blocks over with him and see where he interned last summer. He also met the Carr family and a few other folk. I almost didn’t recognize him in his super-swank “I’m The President Of the Washington Student Lobby” suit. He was meeting with Congressmen yesterday and tomorrow he’s got back-to-back meetings with Senators.

After lunch we went to Dawn’s house to make dinner and put the babies down for a nap. (Oh, on the way there we stopped at Starbucks where Dawn met us and where we stayed until Hannah spilling apple juice and Kiley screaming put me right over the edge. THEN we went to Dawn’s house.)

Sue had to bring Laurie her debit card so she came out to Arlington and Ned and I hopped right back on a train with her and went into the Gallery area of DC. We did a little shopping and made it back to the mall in time to freeze, eat dinner and freeze some more. My hands were tiny popsicles by the time Michael, Ned and I got on the metro to come back to the hotel. (Oh yeah, we got stuck riding Metro because Laurie had one car full of babies and Timothy had the other. We didn’t mind though. I got to talk to my Other Mother.)

I wish I had more details for you. I feel weird and disconnected from the event. I can’t seem to find the bigger picture. We were actually talking about it on the metro and apparently this is normal. It’ll come together at some point, hopefully.

Love you all. Need sleep and rest for my weary toes.




3 responses

25 03 2009
Father Smith

Thanks Meg, enjoyed the update as I sit eating my oatmeal. Love ya!

25 03 2009
granny the great


26 03 2009
The Other Mother

Aren’t we all always longing for the “bigger picture”? enjoy the journey….love you darling

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