Come and Join me

23 03 2009

… and I will tell you my stories.

I’m sitting in our hotel room with my feet in a tub full of hot water, listening to the baby crying from across the hall. It’s an oddly peaceful moment and I’m enjoying it thoroughly.

Today was intense. I got about ten hours of sleep last night which is HUGE. I felt almost human when I woke up!

Michael, Jadon, Sue, Andrea and I all wanted to go into DC and walk around the mall. We bought subway passes (a thrill for someone who has never ridden a subway before) and hopped the train for DC. Michael and Jadon were our fearless navigators and I was vice president in charge of not getting seperated from the group. I had a full-on Moment when we popped out of the subway station and onto the Mall. In pictures and on West Wing the grass from the Capitol building to the Washington monument is green. Today is was dusty and brown. Apparently the inaugural ceremony and the thousands of people attendent thereon ruined the lawn. (See everyone? Worship of men will kill the grass!)

But it was the most wonderfully spiritually intense time. We walked all down the mall and visited the Capitol building’s front steps then the Supreme Court building. Let me just say that I LOVE that protestors aren’t allowed to even touch the steps at the S.C. I don’t care what your cause is, that building is a solemn place and needs to be respected. We actually got to go into that building and wander around- it was truly incredible.

After that was lunch at a really friendly restaurant near where the Justice House of Prayer used to be. We did some shopping later in the day and then had dinner at Dawn’s house.

Funny side story- Earlier this morning Sue mentioned that she thought it would be funny ot run into someone she knows since she knows quite a few people in DC. My reply was “I only know one person in this town and so it’s HIGHLY unlikely that we’ll see anyone that I know.” (I should have known that God has a sense of humor.) Sure enough later this afternoon we were innocently walking through the subway when who should I spy but Jacob James Stillwell! It made my heart indescribably happy to see him. I gave him a big hug and introduced him to everyone. He was on his way to some kind of political something or other so we couldn’t chat but we’re going to have dinner tomorrow night. I am really looking forward to it.

So yeah, my feet are tired, my heart would like some time to get away and process a) the possible move to Wilmington b) the weightiness of Freedom Fest and what it could mean for our nation and c) the goodness and beauty of my Lord.

But for now, I am content.




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