Washington DC… or something

22 03 2009

Super intense day today. Woke up and headed out to church where Benji (I can’t remember his last name) talked to us about Exodus Cry.

My heart was stirred for sure. Considering what it could mean for my future.

Then spent eight hours in Sue’s car driving to DC. With us were Kevin and Jadon and we drove together with Gabriel and Brianna who had their babies with them.

I am on total people overload. I’m sitting in Laurie’s room with her and Amber and Kylie and Twinnie. I can’t handle the thought of my room right now unless everyone is going to sleep. Maybe I’ll just go over there and ignore everyone until I can sleep.

I’m really doing ok, just agitated and missing my [comfortable and convenient] Seattle life.

It’s a stinkin’ adventure!




3 responses

23 03 2009
Father Smith

Just sending my love to you this morning. As always I’m praying for you on this great adventure.

23 03 2009
Jennifer James

His last name is Nolot. He’s awesome, and his wife Lauren is so sweet and lovely.

I am praying you can get some alone time. Remember, no walking on the Mall alone.

23 03 2009

Lauren is the daughter of the man at whose house I was staying in Wilmington. Her wedding pictures are insanely beautiful. Just one step below what Shelley would have done.

I’m feeling better this morning, by the way.

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