20 03 2009

World’s quickest-written blog post. I’m gonna hit the high lights and then hit the sack.

Sleeping in + an hour of solitude and journaling.
Shopping with Gabriel (all the boys, actually) for art supplies.
Half hour chat with my mom.
Figuring out that Michael Crawford (the original Phantom in Phantom of the Opera) was Cornelius Hackl in Hello Dolly. (!)
Chatting with Erin while drinking tea and trying to keep Amber and Kiley out of trouble.
Worship service at church. World’s quickest painting.
Holding a really cute strange baby who stared at me so long that her mother finally passed her over. Being thrown up on by said baby. #needtodoadelicatewash. (Yes, I know this isn’t Twitter.)
Becoming my father in said worship service and SCREAMING prayers.
Going to two different grocery stores in the monster van looking for someplace that would sell us steak and brie.
Breaking down in said van. Had to be rescued by Gabriel in a [stolen] truck.
Michael going back out to rescue Gabriel who got rather stuck himself.
Cooking steak and potatoes with Timothy and Michael at midnight.
Eating brie with Glory.
Being so tired I can barely write this.

More soon.




One response

21 03 2009
granny the great

Sounds heavenly–except for the spit-up!

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