Blog from the Airport, A Little Late

18 03 2009

I’m on hour eight of my day and it’s only noon (Pacific Time). I’m sitting at the Atlanta airport waiting for my flight to Wilmington. There is something so unspeakably frustrating about having to wait for a little puddle-jumper of a flight. It would feel more valid if we were taking a 777 across the Atlantic or something, but we are most definitely NOT. This is an hour-long flight to a little town that I could practically spit on from here.


For some reason the flight crew for the Cleveland flight didn’t show up and it shafted everyone else. Luckily people seem to be taking it well. Everyone is resigned and pleasant about it. Well, almost everyone- there is a VERY cranky flight attendant manning our gate. I think she’s had a long day.


By the time I post this I will be in Wilmington. The thought of the big leather sofa in the beach house is immensely soothing right now. I plan on collapsing thereon and talking as many people as possible into watching a movie with me. Pig pile on the couch! Though, it tends to be difficult to pin-down enough of the Carr family to do anything like this. They’re all going twelve directions at once! Worst case scenario maybe Sue will curl up and watch West Side Story with me on my computer.


Either way there will be food! Flying throws my gastronomic cycles totally out of whack. (Read: I’m hungry and airport/airplane food is only half a level above good pig swill.)


I did end up bringing two huge suitcases. However, I get points because one of them is [mostly] art supplies. I’ll admit to shoving a few extra shirts in there but nothing else! Also, at least three pounds of my luggage weight is Michael’s present from Granny and Tom. (It has a card labeled “MIKEY” which I think is golden!)


Ah yes, tomorrow is Michael’s birthday. I’m not really sure whether birthdays are a big deal to the Carrs but I am determined that I will uphold Smith Birthday Sensibilities. Ie, you make a HUGE deal out of it for as long as possible and in as many ways as possible. If there was some way of booby-trapping the boys’ room with balloons and streamers I would try and make it happen. Since there is not I will just wander around asking Michael whether he remembers that it is his birthday. It’s what I did to Jadon for my entire trip last time.


Jen just called. Sorry, I’m back.


Can I just say that my iTunes Party Shuffle has created me the happiest mix EVER for my time here at the Atlanta airport? (Because it has…) Thanks Jesus who controls my iTunes.


If anything matters then everything matters. I’m just saying.


I have airport hair. It hasn’t started smelling like airplane yet so I’m being grateful for the small things but it is most definitely taking on the texture of long waits and other people’s breath. Yuck.


What else? I’m trying to look busy so the business men with which I am surrounded won’t hate me for taking one of the four computer terminals for no good reason. Because that’s pretty much exactly what I did. I only felt bad about it for like two minutes and I’m not sure that’s enough guilt to make up for the deed… Oh well. My existence has as much validity as theirs even if I don’t own a blackberry or an iPhone or have meetings and a schedule and no life.


I’ve pinpointed one gentleman who I know is on my flight. I’m keeping my eye on him. When he moves I’ll move. That way I don’t have to pay attention to the announcements. I am so clever.


My iTunes just turned on “I wanna dance with Somebody”. Gotta love the 80’s. “I need a man who’ll take the chance on a love that burns hot enough to last! I wanna dance with somebody…” do doo dooot!


I just did a little dance on my stool and entertained a few complete strangers. I do what I can.


I shared my flight from Seattle to Atlanta with the Zimbabwe choir who just recently visited our church. I was kind of hoping that they’d start singing or something but they never did. It sounds like their trip was awesome and they really enjoyed visiting NCC. They really loved Pastor Bill and couldn’t say enough how great he was, how he went above and beyond the call of duty etc. I understand how they feel, I really love Pastor Bill too! Ha ha!


Ok I’ve officially run out of things to say. Loves to the family, missing the Union Hill gang already, looking forward very much to my trip.


—Made it to NC. Very tired. Have my own room at the lovely Arnsten’s house. Looking forward to Michael’s birthday tomorrow.—




3 responses

19 03 2009
Father Smith

Bless you my dear! Let your heart soar these days. Say howdy to the gang for me. Love ya.

19 03 2009

You know about how Jesus controls your iPod too? I’ve been a believer of that for some years now, it’s amazing how often it happens….. Almost scary….

19 03 2009

Love you daddy!

M- Yes, I do know about that. Sometimes it makes me laugh and sometimes it makes me cry but it always makes me blessed!

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