Where is Jen when I need her?

16 03 2009

I hate packing.

It is my LEAST favorite part of travel. In fact, I dream of a day when I can just hire my sister to pack for me.

Have I mentioned that my sister is an amazing packer? She packed for me when I went to New Zealand and when I went to visit the Carrs in January. Now here I am, faced with an almost six week trip and there is no-one to pack for me! 

In an effort to stave off packing-related stress, I’ve been laying things I want to pack out on the spare-room bed. I don’t know if it will help me remember everything that I want to bring, but it sure has heck helped me out mentally.

At this point, I have packed all eighteen movies + two seasons of Star Trek Voyager, the jewelry that I think I will want and my shoes. Let’s face it, all the good movies in the world won’t help me if I don’t remember T-shirts and a hairbrush.

Oy. I’m in trouble.

I’m not good at this. I bring too much of what I won’t need and forget essentials. Not to mention I am going to look like a total goob because I have to take two enormous suit cases. I’ve just tonight discovered that my easel won’t fit into a small carry-on-type suitcase. I’m going to look like SUCH a blonde.

(And NO, I’m not vain in the least. Showing up with two ENORMOUS suitcases won’t embarrass me at all.)

Won’t someone please marry me and hire me a personal maid? Or at the very least, buy me some cardboard boxes and enough postage to mail my stuff everywhere?!

Can you tell that I’m a little stressed by all of this?




5 responses

17 03 2009
Jennifer James

Remember these things:

You only need two pairs of pants, and one pair of shorts.
One pair of sweats (they take up alot of space)
Underwear can be rolled up and stuffed inside of other things
Shoes in first, and pack around them
Oh my sister the layerer of clothes, bring one white, one black and one colored tank top only!
You do not need 5 of anything except undies and socks. PUT THE SHIRTS BACK! YOU CAN AND WILL DO LAUNDRY.
Roll things tight tight tight, and cram cram cram.

And I would happily pack for you for free. Or maybe for a good pair of shoes.

17 03 2009
Jennifer James

oh and also, remember that my problem usually is this: I can get so much stuff in a suitcase that it’s always over the weight limit. So maybe it pays to not be an awesome packer of suitcases?

17 03 2009

I love you.

And I AM bringing more than five shirts.
(Oh, if only the Padawan actually LISTENED to the master…)

17 03 2009
granny the great

–and you really still have extra room??

17 03 2009

I have plenty of extra room, actually. One suitcase is pretty much just the easel and some paint brushes.

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