4 03 2009

Nothing really to say as of this moment in time, I just get really annoyed when the people who’s blogs I read don’t update frequently. I can’t be mad if I do the same thing! (I shouldn’t be mad or upset either way but glory to glory… I’m a work in progress.)

I had my daily phone call with my dear friend Erin Laura. Ever since she got engaged I’ve made a point of calling her every day to check in. Sometimes we only get to talk for a couple of minutes but by golly we enjoy those minutes.

During the conversation I had a moment of intense freedom when I forgot that I have two jobs. I thought that I had three days of freedom to go and visit Erin. We planned a little trip and then I remembered that I tutor. Every day. Crap.  The worst part is that she would really like me to come over and do the bridesmaid dress fitting/ordering.

(See how if I just start writing stuff comes out. I’m not saying it’s good or interesting but there are words that come from my brain that you all can read.)

I’m still dreaming a lot. I try and write them down as soon as I wake up. The only times that doesn’t happen is when I have to get right up and go do stuff. Someday I’ll be able to read back over these dreams and laugh, or find the prophetic in what I can’t understand at this time in my life.

My left leg itches.

I’ve applied for a credit card but I still strongly believe that most people shouldn’t have them. I am not most people. Meghan=ridiculouslyresponsible. The point is to build credit and to have a secure way to purchase stuff online.

My main packing concern for the tour is my easel. How the heck do you transport a 25lb, rather large easel by plane? The secondary concern is how many/what movies to bring.

I tried on ten pairs of jeans today. Expensive jeans are wonderful.

A massage sounds like the best thing in the world right now. I’d love to be a little pampered but can’t think of a good reason to do so. The money would be better spent visiting Erin or buying some noise cancelling headphones.

Had some sweet time with Jesus this evening. I’ve found that pulling my sweatshirt hood over my eyes aids the prayerful atmosphere. Allow me to recomend hats, hoods and other eye-covering devices if you have trouble concentrating. I’ve just thrown a whole other level of my troubles off onto His shoulders. It’s amazing how freeing it can be to be ok with not being able to handle stuff. I can’t do it. I admit it. He can so I let Him.

I’m not perfect but I’m getting better.




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4 03 2009
Jennifer James

Maybe those blinders that they use on horses? If I cover my eyes, I’m in snoozeland pronto. I think God has grace for the sleep deprived…

4 03 2009

I think Holy Spirit napping is TOTALLY allowed. Heck, if He watches Phantom of the Opera with me and turns it into a prophetic breakthrough He can certainly turn napping into a spiritual wonder.

I hope so, anyway. Otherwise I’m gonna have to rethink my work eat snooze eat work lifestyle.

6 03 2009

You totally are gonna write a book on some of this stuff… I see it now, “12 Steps to Naps with Jesus”, or something.

7 03 2009

Oh it’s really only four steps.
1) brush teeth
2) climb into bed
3) invite Jesus to enjoy the nap with you
4) snooze

It’s a great and glorious thing.

7 03 2009
granny the great

I hear you. i enjoy having coffee with Him too.

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