Wonderful Wonderful Day

1 03 2009

Yesterday I woke up at 6:20am to drive to Port Townsend on the Olympic peninsula to visit my best friend and her husband. They’ve been living out there for a couple of months now and I had yet to get my fanny over to see the new place.

So I woke up, took a shower, did NOT fix my hair, stole my mother’s favorite North Face fleece and headed out the door. First stop was, of course, Starbucks. My ‘bucks-sense told me that lots of other people were quite close behind me and having the same idea so I drove fast and power walked across the parking lot. I was right, too. Just after I got in line to order about seven other people came into the store. None of whom looked very pleasant and ALL of whom, I’m sure were more than a little asleep.

London Fog and Pumpkin Loaf in hand I climbed back into my car, organized my iPod and cell phone and hit the road. Let me just say that driving into Seattle at seven in the morning on a Saturday is infinitly more enjoyable than making the same drive at any other time. I saw maybe thirty other cars the whole way.

Even waiting for the ferry was fun! The sun was rising and hitting the Olympics. They were all peachy pink the way snow-covered mountains are in early light and there were these incredibly dark blue/black storm clouds behind them. Seriously stunning. Texted Gill ’cause I knew he’d be awake and wrote in my journal.

The ferry ride itself was lovely. I was parked port-side right on the edge and could see Mt Rainier (yes the mountain was out) and watch the seagulls flying around. I only left my car once, in search of the bathroom, and that turned into a trip to the top deck in the front to “enjoy the air”. The view was stunning but the air itself was a wee bit cold.

Can I just say that painted on the ferry’s staircase is the phrase “change is good”? It’s some kind of advertising and it’s brilliant.

Anywhoot… I’d driven all over Bainbridge and a little bit of the Kitsap peninsula but I’d never gone over the Hood Canal Bridge. The drive was surprisingly pretty, even in our visually appealing area. I told Stacie that I want to come back when it’s summer and the deciduous trees have their leaves.

Stacie and Joe’s place is really nice. It’s a rectangular space with the largest chunk being given over to a living room (huge windows), kitchen and bathroom/laundry room. The remaining is two bedrooms, one of which has been converted to a library. Most of the library is Joe’s theological stuff and collection of bibles.

Stacie and I talked while she ate breakfast, then spent most of the day wandering around Port Townsend and shopping. The town itself has some beautiful architecture and the main shopping area that we were in was just the kind of stuff that I like. Art galleries and little boutiques and a millinery and a writing shop. The writing shop even had a whole room where you could come and sit and work on your latest novel. (!) I almost bought my dad a mug that said “use your words” on it.

We had lunch at an underground cafe and talked about some really good stuff. We were there a long time and the waitress kept wandering over asking if we needed anything. She’d preface it every time with ‘you don’t need to leave but…’

So after shopping we went to visit the site where Joe was currently working. We actually drove past his other project and felt sympathy for him. Joe is an electrician and right now they’re swamped with work so he was working on Saturday and said that he’s done 60 hours this week. Yikes!  We went into the site and met Joe’s boss who promptly told Joe to go home and hang out with his wife and friend.


Joe in tow (I had to say it, it rhymes!), we went back to the Van de Weghe’s place and chatted for another hour or so during which I got to try Dutch chocolate. Did I mention that Joe is Dutch? Sounds like the pair of them have been working really hard lately. Stacie is getting her butt kicked at school student teaching and you already heard Joe’s schedule.

Pray for them if you think of it.

The happy news is that being married has done wonderful things for both of them. I’m glad that they have each other for this season of their lives.

I left because I felt my brain start to go to mush. That little sleep does not do good things for me. The ferry ride home was uneventful- I tried to “enjoy the air” out at the front of the boat but the air was so cold and blowing so hard that I literally had to force myself to breathe. Not conducive to enjoyment.

So that was my day. Once I got home I was too tired to do much so I ate a cucumber sandwich and checked my e-mail. Thrilling, I know.




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