My Dream House

25 02 2009

This is a blog response to Seven Angels, Four Children, One Family.  She’s asked us to describe the mansion we would like in heaven. I am going to deviate slightly and describe the home I would love to have on earth someday.

There are a few generalities about my dream home. The first is that it would be near a wildlife preserve so that there would be a forest for me to wander in. The second is that I’d like some kind of water on the property whether it be a stream, a pond, a lake or the ocean nearby. The third is that it would be a house made my someone who loves what they do. You can tell the houses that were made with love…

On to specifics.

I want a craftsman style home with big windows and copper drainpipes. It will have a porch suitable for sitting on with friends, and a screened in porch in the back so my kids can sleep “outside” in the summer.

Inside, the house will be full of books. Every room will have shelves or a bookcase or an end table crammed full of books. The living room and kitchen will the be the central focus of the house with the bedrooms and other rooms radiating off of it.

The living room will have an enormous fireplace- the kind that little kids shouldn’t be allowed near- and really comfy furniture. In the corner near the [enormous] windows will be a beautiful wooden baby grand piano. (Versus black or white). 

The kitchen will have granite counter tops and two ovens. We’ll have a walk-in pantry filled with really wonderful organic food. The pantry will be open to everyone and will include a wine fridge and places for me to put my canned fruits and pickles. I love to make pickles.

Off of the living room will be a smallish room devoted entirely to books and relaxing. It will also have a fireplace.

In the tower (did I mention that we would have a tower?) will be my art room. It’ll have windows all the way around so that I’ll have light to paint by all day. Additionally, there will be a corner for my desk and an armchair to write in. This room will be my own private space, off limits to the kids unless there are extenuating circumstances.  

As strange as it may sound I would love to have a chapel in the house. Maybe not a classically-designed chapel- maybe more of a prayer room. A quiet room with a small window looking out onto the lake.

We’ll need a home theatre for sure, but not a snooty one. A normal looking room with a really nice TV and sound system. Comfy couches too, and plenty of places to put mugs of root beer.

My bedroom is of little design-importance. As long as I have a really big bathroom with a sunken tub and a walk-in closet I’m happy.

I want my kid’s rooms to be close enough that they can get to me, but far enough away that there is a sharp delineation between the two spaces.

There should be lots of guest rooms so that we can have people over all the time. I have too many friends who live far away to have a small house!

The rest of the houses’ design will depend on my husband’s tastes, habits and hobbies. If he likes cars I suppose we’ll need a big garage. If he’s a musician he’s getting a SOUND PROOF room to practice in. If he paints he can share the tower with me!

I love this kind of imagining. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in a blue funk. It’s happy and peaceful to let yourself indulge in your dreams for a while.




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