Houston- We Have a Problem

20 02 2009

Ok, some of you know about my super power. (No, not being able to sense the presence of horses at great distance…)

I am invisible to the opposite sex. Or perhaps a better way of putting it is that I have some kind of instant mind-blanking effect. Sometimes a guy will check me out when I’m walking in the mall or something (though it does NOT happen as often as my mother thinks it does) but no-one ever does a thing about it. It was my own private kind of mo-jo. I liked being ignored.

Apparently I’ve lost my groove. I not only met a good-looking young man tonight but he actually TALKED to me.

Don’t mistake me, I have no actual interest. I’m just shocked by the fact that my invisibility cloak is gone. I want it back! The whole thing is complicated by the fact that I can’t help but be nice to people and men my own age seem to be unable to discern “nice because I’m nice” from “nice because I think you are wonderful and I want to be with you forever”. Note of clarification- the second would be the more rare. I am REALLy nice.

In other news- we had falafal tonight for dinner and I am now eating yet another chick-pea-patty-of-joy. It’s the healthiest meal that I  enjoy this much. I might have to go back downstairs and get another one…

Oh and for all you faintly anemic people out there, it really does help to take your magnesium supplements. I’ve been feeling great this past week! Not nearly so tired as I usually am.

Oh oh oh! I found the book that has the quote that I was looking for. Pause while I go get it and another falafal…

Dang. Found the falafal. Lost the book again.

However, my current random book of wonderfulness is “Stories of the Great Ballets” by George Balanchine. I was reading the description of a ballet whose name escapes me and I came across the most wonderful sentence: “The man and woman declare their love for each other, then dance.”


But then, I like dancing.



Oh, also, you all should go back and read my Hawaiian vacation post. You can find it under “Vacation Planning” in the categories. I made myself laugh out loud re-reading it. The London one is good too.




6 responses

20 02 2009
mother Smith

Can’t wait for you to find the book….I want to see the quote!

20 02 2009
granny the great

Megan- how will some very lucky young man know that he is special, since you are so nice to everyone? (and you are— very nice, and sweet, and wonderful, by the way.)

20 02 2009

Um… Crap. I don’t actually know.

The poor lad is doubly cursed since I believe in being pursued in a Godly fashion and he won’t be able to tell if it’s working because I’m so nice to EVERYBODY.

Granny, should I stop being nice until that poor man does come along?

20 02 2009

Correction- He will not be a “poor man” in any sense of the word.

21 02 2009
Mother Smith

No indeed he won’t ….if he pursues you he will be wise, and lucky, and brilliant!

28 02 2009
granny the great

Good gracious girl! You can’t stop being what you ARE!!! And you’d better not try. i’d say that brilliant man will be brilliant enough to figure out that he makes your heart beat faster. Don’t lose any sleep over this!!!!

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