6 02 2009

Something that has been much on my heart of late. Presented in a form that best conveys my feelings.

It was a loud cry that broke through the chaos; his daughter’s first cry and the young man was undone.

The colour had never flown so smoothly over canvas before. Years of frustration were forgotten in the magical moments that followed as Sheila began to paint.

Two tiny fingers bored a hole in the loose dirt and plunked in one small seed. Awkward hands patted down the earth and dripped water over the spot where a flower was soon expected.

One brick was carefully placed by a master stone mason.

Three children stared wide-eyed at the near-magical display. The acrobat caught their eyes and winked slowly, then smiled.

It was a rainy day but Joseph could have cared less. He caught Carol’s hand and dropped to one knee in the city gutter. The question burning in his heart could wait no longer.

Trembling in every limb, the young woman took her seat at the piano. A theatre overflowing with silence and possibility greeted her first few notes.

She caught his eye and smiled, embarrassed that he’d seen her staring. He held the door open with a slight bow.

David boarded the plane, refusing to even glance behind him.

Christopher took his seat proudly in his tenth grade music class. He picked up a piece of sheet music and hummed quietly to himself.

Sarah took off her hat and placed it beside her on the car seat. It was a large hat of red straw and her hand lingered on it’s brim. She shook herself free of apathy and climbed out of the car.

The casket closed with a finality that broke his heart. He grabbed the small hand of his young son and cried quietly.

Samuel had never seen a guitar like it. It was electric blue with black abstract patterns burned into it. Balancing it across his knee he let a few chords fly free through the store.

The seamstress was exhausted. She finished the last few beads on the bodice of the most beautiful dress in the world- the dress her daughter would wear when she walked down the aisle only a few days hence.

It was a beautiful crown but heavy, and the princess felt herself ill-prepared as she endured the ceremonies that would make her queen.

An age-darkened trunk was the only thing that her aunt had left Samantha in the will. She pulled it away from the wall and bent to open it.

—You see, beginnings can take many forms. Forms far too infinite to even begin recording. Any moment, any circumstance can become the beginning of something great. You just have to be on the watch for them.—



6 responses

7 02 2009
Jennifer James

Oh very poetic and pretty, it kind of made me teary….

7 02 2009
Mother Smith

and I think sometimes we miss them because we think they should look different…

7 02 2009

Jen- that is high praise indeed
Mom- AMEN and amen. Trying to live outside my box and not look for things the way I think that they should look.

8 02 2009
granny the great

Meghan– All I can say is that you are a true writer. Let me venture a guess about your “ordinary” thought processes. Do they ever go like this: “She slowly, reverently eased her toes into the beautifully lined boot, holding her breath until her whole foot was embraced in beauty.” Well?

8 02 2009

Granny- Often! At least, they do when I allow myself time to breath and enjoy the moment.
So you heard about the boots, huh?

9 02 2009
granny the great

I saw them!!! Facebook is a great spy!

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