A Thank You Note

4 02 2009

Dear God,
      You already know everything I’m going to say but you’d want to hear it anyway so I thought that I would write you a letter.
       I’m a huge fan of life. The world you have given us and the lives you maintain don’t get a lot of attention. Very few people take time to say “thank you” for trees, for warm rain or for the very fact that they are breathing at any given moment. Basically, You don’t have enough fans. I’d like to say that I’m one of the few.
        When I woke up this morning at 7:15 and realized that I could still sleep for another 45 minutes, it was like a tiny present. I’ve never been more grateful for such a small amount of sleep. It was pretty sweet!
        Some people might look at my life and say “Well she’s got it easy. What does she know about life?!” To them I would say that life has been kind to me, why should I not be kind to it? I don’t think that there is any valid reason for being mean to people, or for being grumpy. So thank You for the grace that allows me to feel that way. 
       I like books. That was a really nice thing You did for us when you gave us books. Not only entertaining but educational AND respectable. Good combo.
      Thank You for not making everyone classically beautiful. My favorite faces are the ones that have a lot of character regardless of inherent aesthetic appeal. There was a gentleman at work tonight with a positively elfin face and another with a nose like no nose I have ever seen before.
    Thank You for Your kindness. I know some people who were just gifted a beautiful home and it was only by Your power that it happened. How incredible is that?! (Do you think maybe I CAN have my pink beach cruiser bicycle…?)
    Basically, You are amazing and I love You for everything that You are. (I can’t really comprehend even the smallest portion of all that You are but the glimpses I get fascinate me.)





2 responses

5 02 2009
Father Smith


5 02 2009
Jennifer James

I think God really loves your heart, and this post…that is, if he subscribes to your RSS feed like I do. 🙂

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