A Collection of Clearly Unclear Comments

3 02 2009
First of all I have to explain the new Image Header on my blog.
Some of you might have heard me tell about a dream I once dreamt. In the dream I was at Disneyland because it was my little sister’s birthday. Since it was a special occasion the people at Disneyland had dressed both of us up like Disney princesses. (I was Cinderella. Complete with hair-do and blue dress.) We were going to watch the Disney princess floor show and so I was sitting almost on the stage with my lil sis in my lap. [The stage was flush with the floor and people were sitting almost all the way around it.]  The Disney princesses start coming out with their princes to do some kind of choreographed waltz. I was upset because one of the Princes didn’t have his Princess. My theatre self combined with my sentimental self to be really upset and worried that someone had missed their cue and left that poor guy up there all alone. To my surprise the Prince walked up to me and held out his hand- I was the princess! I got to waltz around just like in a fairy tale.
 It was a wonderfully vivid dream and one of my favorites that I have ever had. Point being, last time mom and I were at Disneyland we came around the corner of the “Princess Pavilion” (or something) and the stage they had set up LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE MY DREAM!!! I would promise by all I hold sacred that that stage was not there when last I visited the happiest place on earth. I secretly hope that this dream will come true someday. It’s one of my favorite day-dreams. I came across the picture a couple of days ago and it made me smile so I put it up here. I miss my sister. She and I had a hilarious conversation earlier tonight that went something like this.
Jen: “You have to tell Dad that I’m getting a tattoo.”
Me: “Why?”
Jen: “Because I’m your sister!” (I thought she’d said “Because I said so”.)
Me: “That’s NOT a valid reason.”
Jen: “Yes it is. You HAVE to tell him.”
Me: “I do not. You have to take responsibility for your choices.”
Jen: *silence* “You should tell him!”
Turns out it was a big hoopla for nothing. Dad doesn’t even care. Not that I thought he would, it was just fun listening to Jen squirm a little. Sorry Jen! Dad doesn’t even like it when mom and I cut our hair. Of course he’s not going to be jumping up and down about his daughter(s) permanently “inking” their bodies. It’s really no big thing, though.
Michael Carr cracks me up. No more need be said.
I hit the gym really hard today and in fact had to hold myself back a little. I knew there would be awful consequences if I beat myself into the ground on my first day back. Tomorrow it’s back to K-Fit for more of the same.
I wish I could fly to Virginia tomorrow to see a local production of Les Mis. I miss that show. No worries, though, I’m sending a proxy.
More soon, I’m sure. Loves to you all!



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