2 02 2009

This one goes out to all my fellow Waiters. You know who you are. I wrote this at the prayer room at Bethel Church in Redding California and I feel like I can finally share it- it’s not so tender.

Waiting is not a game.
         Waiting is a dance of surrender.
And imperfect acceptance.
   A meeting of destiny and identity
                      in a moment by moment appreciation for the Now.

All things will come to pass in His time;
           (He is outside time)
       While we fret against this weighty fetter
                  He flies through Eternity
                       where all His promises have been fulfilled.

We are nothing.
Striving avails us naught.

It is the dance;
     measured steps with a God who is boundless
Where we learn to meet ourselves
                                           The people of Light
                                Who have been perfected in Christ

Waiting is not fruitless
             The pain is not the point.
There is unexpected music in the deep places of our hearts
                           For He is there.
                                 He is Music.
                            He is Movement.

                Conductor, accompanist, partner
For whom each step, each moment, is precious
Experiences are many but fleeting
And the dance of one who truly waits is rare.

              Embrace the purpose of the season
                                                                                     Seek the Music.

He counts each tear and saves them as precious treasures
              And He will not forget
                          those graceful movements of a heart
                                    seeking to align itself with Him
                                             in a dance of pain
                                                   in a season of sorrow
                            when destiny is glimpsed only dimly
                                     On a far horizon.




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3 02 2009

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,…… This is one of those haunting pieces that strikes right at the core of all who have tasted the lord, dined with him, said yes, called deeper, given dreams, determination, hope, then tried, tested, drawn ever deeper, and held once again in the captive embrace of the beloved.

-a fellow waiter-

3 02 2009
Mother Smith


8 02 2009
granny the great

oh–! my!

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