I don’t wanna grow up…

2 02 2009

But if I have to, this is the kind of person I want to be.

I want to brush my teeth and floss them because it’s good for me.
I want to pursue God without restriction, distraction or hesitation.
I want to be surrounded by people who will tell me when I’m wrong.
I want to drink tea and write in my journal near an open window. Frequently.
I want to write poetry.
I want to be more concerned with the poor in my city than the clothes in my closet.
I want to travel because life is short, not because I planned it out years in advance.
I’d like some pets that make other people label my life as “quaint” or “interesting”. Read: goats, a goose, and a bullfrog named Bill.
I want to be loved for just exactly who I am and also for who I could be.
I want a library in my house, or bookshelves everywhere if one room cannot contain the abundance.
I want my home to be a place of refuge for the bereaved, the heartsick, the lonely and the broken.
I want my family to be close to me, or to have enough money that distance isn’t a problem.
I want to read plays out loud with my husband and family just because doing the voices is fun.
I want to be better at the business side of life.
I want to dance.




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