Learning, anyone?

26 01 2009

I have a blog that I really enjoy reading. It is the only blog that I consistently check that is not written by someone I know in “real life”. Allow me to introduce you to Seven Angels, Four Kids, One Family. As someone who sees angels, loves families and has a decidedly excellent sense of humour (modesty too) this blog is a kick in the pants.

The latest entry challenges the readers to decide which class that they would like to take “just for fun”. I agree that when you stop learning you start dying and one of my deepest desires is to be back in school. Therefore, I cannot possibly pick just one class! Allow me to detail a few…

Underwater basket weaving: My family has used this class to make fun of the established academic system for as long as I can remember. All jokes aside, there has to be a good amount of exercise and skill-level involved. Would I need my scuba certification too…?

Any Political Science Class: I have a friend who is a poly-sci major. He is a very intelligent and kind person who admits that Poly-Sci is almost entirely a joke. Therefore I would like to sit in the back of a HUGE poly-sci class and spend all my time shouting down the professor. Plus, the subject matter would give me weeks worth of blog fodder.

Drawing Technique: I’ve been drawing my whole life but have never had a really solid class in technique. I think that it would fill in the holes in my abilities and help me “fulfill my potential”.

Math: I want my degree in mathematics. Since Calc II almost kicked my butt, this will not be my focus when I go back to school this time. I want eventually to return to college and get a masters in mathematics so that I can teach it. But that is for later in life, for now I’d be satistfied with a few more classes.

Astro-Physics: I’ve taken Astronomy (loved it) and I’ve taken Physics (loved it) now I want to combine the two and really dig in deep.

Piano: I want proper piano lessons from someone who will kick me into shape! No offense to my current teacher but I think a more strategic learning process would be helpful.

I have a dozen others that I can think of. Since I can’t take college classes, though, I am attempting to teach myself at home. Right now it’s French history, Calculus and ink drawing techniques.

And that’s about all that I have time for, my ride is leaving and I have no desire to walk home again in the 15 degree weather.




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26 01 2009
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27 01 2009
granny the great

You are amazing.

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