Chatham IL

24 01 2009

We made it.

Not that I am suprised, the focus with which this family approaches road trips is almost frightening.

On Thursday morning I helped Timothy load the van and trailer with our assorted instruments, suitcases, canvases and foodstuffs. With a trailer it’s almost an easy deal. The girls took over the back seat of the van and I ensconced myself window-side in one of the captain’s chairs. A trip to Starbucks served the additional purpose of a meeting-place so that we could say goodbye to Pastor Tim. He informed me that his secretary has absconded the painting and placed it over her desk until a ‘better’ place can be found. I hope it rocks her world!

The first day was long- about 11 or 12 hours, I think. In that time we stopped for food once at about 5 pm. (Keep in mind that we left Wilmington at around 10 am). Our driver was aptly nicknamed “General Carr” and one might even stretch that to “Drill Sargeant SIR”. Bathroom breaks were allowed only when we were forced to stop for gas. Lt. Michael Carr reports that this was the most inconvenient part of the trip as far as he was concerned. Rockstar Ned and Superstar Rachel did much laughing and playing of music. Lt. Michael conducted business (seriously this kid is unreal), played go-fish, blackjack and attempted to play poker with me, was Vice-President in charge of operating the tv and snoozed. I read, did a little work on my book, snoozed, played aforementioned card games, ate beef jerky and talked to Jesus. Also, we watched Conspiracy Theory which I had never seen and ended up enjoying immensely.  

Timothy drove the ENTIRE way. 12 hours on the first day and 7 or 8 on the second. Crazyness!

That night we all shared a room at the very nice Holiday Inn Express in London, Kentucky. Timothy was hysterical and kept making little comments that would crack Rachel or Ned or I up as we were all trying to get to sleep. I will also report that neither Michael nor myself ended up having to sleep on the floor, which was a blessing. At 7am SHARP the next day General Carr was roaring in our ears to wake everyone up. It was quite an experience.

The second day went pretty fast. We watched Star Wars and slept, for the most part.

So I’m here in Chatham IL and loving every minute of it. I had good sleeps last night and some solid quiet time this morning. Also, the various young members of the family seem to have decided that I am “ok”. Kiley (I’m sorry if I’m spelling it wrong) lets me haul her around which seems to be kind of a big deal. Amber and I play games and she keeps me on my toes. The Twinnies are awesome and Anna was kind enough to point out that she has a freckle on her face in case I can’t tell them apart.

Last night the girls (sans Sue, who lives with the Carrs but is not watching movies right now) watched Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. It was one of my favorite movies growing up and I almost cried about ten times! We lost our copy when I was very small and ever since then I have mourned the loss.

What else…? My cold continues its residence in my nose but it has decreased to managable proportions. It would be nice not to sound all nasely and weird but life goes on.

Loving this family and everything that they are! I’ll be home in a week, though so don’t anyone get to missing me too badly. Loves to you all.

Note- I h0pe you are all reading Michael Carr’s blog too. It’s a very small peek into the life on one of the elder Carrs.




4 responses

25 01 2009
Father Smith

Loves right back at ya! Glad your having a most beautiful time with the gang.

25 01 2009
granny the great

Me too. now, before you leave you have to give each and every one of them a granny hug. Again. Then give each and every one of them a grampa hug. Then you can pray over each and every one for us. Lets see– what else can I add to your agenda? just hurry back. We all miss you.

25 01 2009
granny the great

p s So glad to hear that your “nose has decreased to manageable proportions.” I was concerned.

26 01 2009
Jennifer James

That kind of made me all teary eyed for some reason. I miss them, those Carrs. and I miss you, you Smith. Kiss everyone for me, and tell them I miss them moochly.

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