It Must Be the Jubilee

20 01 2009

It hasn’t snowed in NC for seven years and I am sitting in the “sun room” of the “beach house” watching it snow like crazy. I thought that I came here for sun and warmth and to get away from the depressing winter-like conditions that plague our northern reaches. LAME.

I’ve left this post for a few hours. We watched the inaugaration and went to Red Robin for lunch. By “we” I mean Andrea, Jadon, Michael, Tess, Rachel and myself; all the kids on the trip. Timothy was at home watching the weather channel and praying for the snow to stop and the surf to rise. He and Jadon are pretty desperate to get out in the water. Even they won’t brave the 32 degree weather and driving snow, though.

It was frying pan to fire the first two days I was here. The night I got here I spent the first few hours on the couch with a blanket over my head trying not to cry. It was a combination of a super busy two weeks, a head cold, four hours sleep the previous night and a super chatty seat-mate on my second flight. Plus it was SO nice to be with the Carr family. Too much emotional strain- I just lost it.

But the fam took Jadon to play laser tag and I had a short nap, a hot bath and watched some Get Smart. When they called later to take me out with them to dinner I was human enough to go. We went to a fancyish place and I got veggies and tea while straining my eyes to see the ocean just outside the window.

At that dinner I met John, Martin and Johnny- three faces that I seem to spend a great amount of time looking at over the past few days. Two of them are here right now chatting it up with the crew. (The third arrived not too long after.) Michael and I are in our standard self-defense mode. We are in the room but we’re on our computers so that we don’t have to engage with the horde. I did the same thing last night but using painting instead of computer as my defense.

Speaking of painting- at church on Sunday (Lifeway Community Church, second service- I slept through the first service) God gave me a pretty specific painting. I sketched it out in my journal and told Timothy that I needed to get paints. I spent a solid chunk of change on painting supplies and set up to paint at church during the Carr’s worship service. It was a pretty ghetto setup (you can check out the pics on facebook) but it worked. I ended up painting for three solid hours.

On the way to the church the Lord had told me that someone was going to want to buy the painting and that I should charge $200 for it. This really messed with me because I really don’t like “overcharging” for my work, especially when it’s a prophetic word and not just any old thing. However, He told me that it was a lesson in valueing my gifts and not underselling myself. The whole “value” thing is important when the music-mad girl is spending all her time with INCREDIBLY talented musicians. It’s easy to think that my gift is somehow “not as cool”.

So about half an hour after the service, after the painting had given me the opportunity to pray for and talk to quite a few people, a gentleman approached me and asked me about the painting. I gave him the schpiel and he nods and smiles and says “Is it for sale?”
“Yes it is.”
“How much are you charging for it.”
*pause of utter amazement that anyone is even asking* “The Lord told me to charge $200.”
“I’d really like to buy it.”

And that’s when I cried. Anyway… this really cool guy bought the painting and the next day asked me to give it to the pastor of the church that we were at. The whole thing is doubly cool because it was a word/picture that I really felt was for the church.

There’s a secondary story but I need to pray about whether to tell it… I may get back to you later.

Last night Michael and I ended up being home alone for like two hours- the “gang” went out to dinner and Timothy was off doing something. It was so wonderfully relaxing I can’t even tell you. We are similar enough that it’s not an emotional strain to be around him. Michael is a wonderfully generous, undemanding sort of person. I make fun of him because I think that if someone was like “Hey Michael, I need your pants and your three favorite books” he would just kind of shrug and smile and hand them over. Later a bunch of people descended on the house and I whipped out the painting supplies so that I wouldn’t have to really talk to anyone. No offense to anyone- I like them all- but you know me… super introverted as a defense mechanism. Michael, Tess and I actually ended up going to the grocery store on an “emergency water run” purely to get out of the house. Tess and I ate “breakup icecream” even though no-one had broken up and chatted with Michael and Peter. Peter is a remarkably reassuring human being purely because he is 6’3″ and loves Jesus. Let the reader understand.

We have had so many services in the past few days that everyone is totally exhausted. We all slept in until at least 9:30, except for maybe Timothy. I could actually use a nap but there are WAY too many people in the house right now. Instead I will probably take a shower.

Everyone is leaving. Perhaps I will be allowed some relaxation.




5 responses

20 01 2009

I love the story about the painting. Your work IS valuable – especially when God’s touch is on it! God bless the rest of your trip!

21 01 2009
Jennifer James


I am double glad you charged for the painting. You ARE incredibly gifted, and you deserve it. I love you.

21 01 2009
Father Smith

I loved reading the story all over again. Blessings to you my dear daughter. And remember…the gift God has given you is a very GOOD gift! Have fun with the gang.

21 01 2009

Great story! Now WHERE ON EARTH IS THE PICTURE YOU TOOK OF THE PAINTING! You can’t just post a cool post like that with NO PICTURE!!! SHEESHZ!

22 01 2009
Jenny Harris

Love the story… love the painting… beautiful – just like you!

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