That’s What I’m Doin’ These Days

14 01 2009

What do shopping, a gallon of water, hair dye and tutoring all have to do with one another? You guessed it! They have all been integral parts of my life in the past few weeks. I wish I could add “quiet prayer time” in there but my prayer time has been almost entirely on-the-fly lately. Hey, why lie about it? I’m not making excuses (because I don’t have to) but there’s a LOT of activity in my normally quiet world.

The gallon of water is to fight off the cold that my sister and nephew have so kindly shared with me. Right now I’ve just got throat gunk and the occasional low-grade fever. The fever thing is encouraging because it’s my own personal sauna to kill off the germs. For the most part I feel fine (especially when I eat). My goal is to finish off half of my water before leaving for work in an hour. Luckily one of my best friends is really into natural preventative medicine so she’s been giving me cold-fighting tips.

I saw “Bride Wars” yesterday because it was the only thing at the theatres that was even remotely interesting. It was fun to hang out with my friend but that movie was INTENSE. Lots of funny things to laugh at, though.

I’m trying to mentally pack for my trip and I’m seriously struggling. I don’t want to take too big of a suitcase because then it might not fit in the car amidst all the musical instruments and other people’s luggage. But how many clothes will I need for two weeks? And shampoo and paints and books etc etc etc. It’s all rather overwhelming.

Also, I want to be able to take all my fun new clothes that have been recently purchased. Yes I admit it, I have been purposeful about buying clothes that are casual and colorful. No more black fancy clothes for Meghan! Can’t really sit around a prayer room in a little black dress and high heels. Nor can you attend in ghetto sweats inherited from your father and an oversized sweatshirt with holes in it. Those are the two categories that have made up my wardrobe until recently, you know.

Anywhoot… what else… Jen and I got our hair done together which was very much fun.

Did I mention that I AM GOING TO THE BEACH?!? Sure it’s in NC and it’ll be freezing cold but who cares? It’s the Atlantic!! That was said with the enthusiasm of a woman who has never actually SEEN the Atlantic. I’m sure the Pacific is much more interesting…




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