Adjustment and Expectation

8 01 2009

Well they’re here. The package has arrived. The stork has landed. The princess of redundant is being redundant. Aaron and Jen and Caden arrived last night pretty near the middle of the night. They were tired and Jen and Caden have pretty juicy colds but they’ve settled in well.

You might not know this about me but I live in a hermetically sealed environment. Very rarely does anything happen to disturb the utter tranquility of my scheduled existence. Thus when my extended family descends lock, stock and stroller I have a little trouble adjusting. Now, this isn’t a question of loving them or even of enjoying their presence. They are good times and I thoroughly enjoy having them around. But it does have an effect of my little life.

I tend to avoid my own bathroom now. Though I consider myself to be incredibly well adjusted there are a few things that mess with my head. One of which is other people (any other people) using my shower/towels/sink/etc. It gives me the willies. I’m not even kidding! Again, this has nothing to do with not wanting my family around. (I’m repeating this a lot because my family are the primary readers of my humble little blog and I don’t want any misinterpretation or misunderstanding.)

The outlet that this has all funneled into is an insane attachment to my cat. She is the most un-cat-like cat ever. The only circumstance under which she is normal is a world where she sleeps inside on my bed. My family has decreed that she MUST sleep outside. I feel like the guy in the foxhole who’s one buddy has been transferred to a dark, soggy, cold foxhole from which he can only return after 8:30 in the morning.

Right now that same cat has squeezed herself into the tiny space between my computer and my tummy. From this vantage she likes to tilt her head back and purr in the general direction of my face. We both find it very comforting.

Tonight I watched my new favorite play, Cyrano de Bergerac. It was truly wonderful. You can ask Aaron for a second opinion since my bonus room seniority (derived from being the first in the bonus room and hence controller of the remote) forced him to watch the entire play.

I am excited and slightly tense about my trip to NC/IL. It’s the same old “I have no idea what’s going on and it makes me nervous” thing. The only thing I know about this trip is the very brief summary that Michael put on his blog. It is thoroughly lacking in detail. What I gather is that the elder Carrs are playing some kind of gig and I am to be there with them. Now, I do not play an instrument nor do I sing and I certainly can’t haul ALL of my paints and big canvasses to NC. I don’t even know if the painting thing would work in the setting! Lack of detail is Meghan kryptonite.

Then again, it is an adventure.

And Meghan’s love adventure!




2 responses

9 01 2009

Well, that’s just part of the territory… Bring art stuff for sure. You’ll use it at the HOP if not in NC .

9 01 2009

Thank you! I will. In fact, I may just bring one outfit and then fill my suitcase with paints/canvasses and sketchbooks.

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