That “Wedding” Thing

2 01 2009

A  few posts ago I mentioned my ideal wedding and promised to detail it if three people showed interest. Exactly three people showed interest.  So this post is for them… everyone else can just wait for another post of more immediate interest.

Note- This is coming from a single girl. I have to significant other to offer his opinion on the details involved. Hence this is a plan not limited by money, convenience, practicality or the slightest bit of concern for the opinions of others.

The Proposal: One word- Disneyland. Preferably with some number of cast members involved. If there is lots of money to be thrown around then costumes and music would be nice. If he could work in horses and my two best friends that would be perfect.

My Attendants: My sister will (of course) be Matron of Honor. Bridesmaids will be Stacie, Erin and Kelsey. These are the people who have stood by me my whole life, who have known me since I was just a little squirt. (The “Unlimited Budget Because I’ve Made it Big and Have Lots of Money Plan” will include dresses hand-made for each of them. None of which will match but all of which will “go”).

The Photographer: Shelley Paulson.

The Location: Somewhere in the mountains. Shelley Paulson got to pick where it should be and she wants mountains.

The Schedule: The week of my wedding I want to be as low-key as possible. My dream is to make the entire event into a kind of vacation cum reunion for all the people in my life who love each other. I want to take my bridesmaids to the spa and have lots of time to spend with my fiancee and our families. Two nights before my wedding will be the rehearsel and rehearsel dinner. Details unimportant. The night before the wedding I want to have a worship/prayer service. Possibly with food. If James Mansour is there then there will NEED to be food.

The Dress: Honestly, until my friends started getting married I did NOT think much about my wedding. I had little to no interest in what seemed to be a stressful and annoying event choreographed to please convention and boring tradition. I like MARRIAGE, but weddings seemed not fun. However, The Dress has always been in the back of my mind.  It will NOT be white. It will be designed by Oscar de la Renta. There might be white embroidery or a white chiffon overlay but the body of the dress will be either green or gold.

The Cake: I want to have designer cupcakes.

Other things: Depending on the colors I decide on, I might do a black and white theme and ask the guests to wear only black and white. that way my coloured dress would stand out, plus it adds an interesting aesthetic to a pretty ordinary event. (Ordinary in the sense that it happens often. Obviously no wedding is unspecial.)

Other stuff: It would be fun to marry someone who’s last name starts with “M”. My sister’s initials are J.J. and my mother’s are S.S. You can see why I’d like to continue the tradition. Also, Mom got married in September and Jen in November. It seems we need a wedding in October…

Most of my dear friends know my preferences for the type of guy he will be. But we aren’t talking about the marriage, here, we’re just talking about the wedding.


DANG. This stupid New Zealand commerical keeps coming on. I wonder if God is trying to tell me something…


Anyway, that’s the wedding plan. I don’t think I’ve left anything much out. Did I mention that I don’t want a veil? Or that my sister’s son will have to be in the wedding but only if he’s old enough not to eat the rings. If he’s too little then Aaron (my brother in law) can carry Caden and keep the rings safe. I think that’s everything then. Let me know if I’ve forgotten something.




2 responses

2 01 2009
Jennifer James

I’ve always pictures you in a white dress with heavy green embroidery. Also with a very very long mantilla lace style veil, the kind that hug your face.

Oh, and your “going away outfit” would have one of those little cap hats with the drop down veil of mesh over your face. Know the kind I am talking about?

The bridesmaids should wear white if you wear a color. You should also pay for your bridesmaids to fake tan if that is the case.

Caden should definitely be in the wedding.

Hear hear on the spa and the Shelley Paulson. There should be pool side reading as well at some point, somewhere where boys in uniform bring me snacks and drinks.

2 01 2009

Can the Shelley Paulson be a part of the spa experience? She would like that very much. Oh yes, and the colored dress. Thank you for letting her pick the mountains. 🙂

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