The Grand Ole Update

26 12 2008

After recieving a beffudled and rather panicked call from my dear friends out in KC, I think I’d better catch you all up on Doorpost, phone calls and my future.

About six months ago I was put in contact with a man (Shall we call him, Dan?) who runs a company called The Doorpost Film Project. I don’t know how much info I can spread around so this still might be a little cryptic. I could be being cryptic for no reason but bear with me. I sent Dan my resume and waited. And waited. And waited some more.

         Two weeks ago he said that he would call me either on Monday or Thursday. Monday passed, then Thursday passed. The NEXT Monday rolled around and I made the mistake of having my phone on silent. Now, to be fair, I had NOT expected Mr Dan to be calling me since he’d already missed two appointments. Point being, I missed the call. And freaked out. All over facebook and Twitter.


So I called him right back, left a message and waited. In fact, I made my mother’s walk in the snow into a barely-disguised sprint so as not to be far away from the phone.

The next day he called again and this time I got the call.

So basically he was willing to give me a job, but his budget just got slashed and he has no money to pay me. He was incredibly welcoming and kind and said that I was more than welcome to come and work- they could give me the $10,000 set aside for interns, but that 10K wasn’t enough to live on in Jacksonville.

Moreover, he said that since the administration of Doorpost doesn’t involve any actual filming I would be better off in LA. “Take that with a grain of salt”, he said, “because I have a secret desire to move to Santa Monica and so I think everyone should be in LA.”

Long story short, he asked what “the dream” was and said that I need to be on live film sets. If I don’t mind hard work and starting at the bottom then he could probably get me a job doing bottom-of-the-totem-pole kind of stuff. This I would not mind since neither hard work nor low-profile work puts me off in the least. I just want to make movies.

So he’s going to send my info to some people he knows out there, at least one of whom is a believer, and hopefully I’ll get some kind of job.

Or, worst case scenario, someone shows up with 100K so I can go to acting school.




2 responses

26 12 2008
Donna James

“Dan” is amazing and knows everyone! They were as easy to get to know and love as the Smiths! Hold on —the ride might get interesting! Love this Meghan!

27 12 2008

Love YOU Donna! Thank you guys for your amazing connections and the great service you have done me in connecting me to “Dan”.

I’m praying for you guys!

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