Boxing: It’s Not Just For Stallone

22 12 2008


I got these gloves (my first Christmas present) from a good friend, Michael. I am to learn the art of the punching bag, as it will be necessary when faced with the obstacles of my Destiny.  Seriously. 

It’s snowing like crazy here in the Emerald Isle and I am enjoying it to the best of my ability. I’ve been drinking tea, painting and eating cookies all day and those are the quintessential snowy day activities. When January hits I’m going to REALLY have to start using those gloves as well as running, pilates and anything else that burns calories. Do you think going up and down stairs for leftover cookies counts?

I really like cookies.

I also thoroughly enjoy clay-mation Christmas movies. Some of my best childhood memories are of watching Fred Astaire in claymation form dancing around and singing. Or the island of misfit toys- I loved those silly toys!

This is a random post of randomness. I can’t really share much about life right now because a lot of it is wrapped up (pun intended)  in the presents that I’m getting for everyone and if I told you anything it might ruin it for everyone.

Is it bad that I enjoy watching Joel Osteen? I feel like any church with that many people in it is either really awesome or really dangerous. Either way I find his sermons oddly uplifting. If any of you know something I don’t know then by all means correct me. Until I hear otherwise, though, I’m going to keep on watching J.O. on late night TV.  Right now he’s talking about using praise to turn what the enemy meant for discouragement into favor and blessing. Basically it’s the principal of “giving thanks” no matter what your circumstances are and really, who doesn’t need to hear that four times a day?

OOO! Today I learned my new favorite card game! What you do is deal out four cards and using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and square roots you have to figure out a way for those four numbers to equal 24. [Yes, I’m a nerd. It is SO much fun playing this game!]

I believe in believing in fairy tales. I think that without dreams and high aspirations we are condemning ourselves to lives of drudgery. Life wasn’t meant to be drudgery! It was meant to be enjoyed- moment by moment to its fullest. That said, I’m holding out for the very best of what my life can be. I even have a savings account so that those fairy tale moments can be fiscally possible. ie, that wedding dress that I want Oscar de la Renta to design for me…

That’s the thing about weddings, you know; the really good ones are ones when the friends of the couple give their best to make the wedding and the marriage beautiful. Like my friend Stacie  asking me to do the decorations for the church. She recognized my particular talent and asked me to lend it to Her Day. I did so and the church looked beautiful. She had another friend playing the piano and the music was lovely! Do you see what I mean? Then it isn’t a stressful day when the bride has to worry about everything being done- she can just relax knowing that the people that love her best are giving their all for love of her.  There is a different kind of struggle in doing that, though. When you ask your talented friend to take over aspects of your wedding you need to release a good amount of control. Most brides would find that difficult, I think. Honestly, though, it’s my DREAM to have my friends and family lend their special talents to making my [completely hypothetical] wedding special. The best art is created in love, and I think that that statement holds true of any creative endeavor.

Someday I’ll outline my dream wedding scenario for you all, but only if at least three people indicate that such a post would actually be interesting to them.

I am continuing to find it difficult to reconcile myself to the fact that I will never be a Broadway-caliber singer. It really wouldn’t be fair since I have so many other giftings… Also, it is thoroughly ungrateful of me to give it a second thought. I paint, draw, write and can keep my temper in almost any situation. Adding “amazing singer” to that list would be an embarassment of riches.

That said, I should stop watching Celtic Woman and Ethel Merman on PBS.

Jake thinks that I’m going to marry someone named Josh. The only Josh I know is Josh Groban and (while he does have the right kind of hair) I think the chances of a) me meeting him b) him asking me out and c) him loving Jesus wildly, are slim. Ok, nigh unto nonexistant.

I’m glad I’m not famous. It seems like a very inconvenient lifestyle.

If I could make a living as a character actress- well known enough to get paid well but not so well known that people remember my name- I’d do it. I’ve already got a stage name. Stage names are neccesary when you want to change your legal name once you are married. Mine is “Meghan Scott”. “Meghan” for Meghan, obviously and “Scott” is an old family name. If any of you have a better idea then let me know. I haven’t got any parts yet so the stage name isn’t set in stone.

I am tired of being cold, even though the snow is nice. We need a hot tub or a sauna or even more pairs of hiking socks. Last night I slept in leg warmers.

Is that enough useless information for you all? I should hope so. Sicne we’re bound to be snowed in tomorrow too, I’ll add another new post.

Loves loves loves to my dear family far away in MO.




3 responses

22 12 2008
Jennifer James

I like the long post.

I want to hear your wedding scenario.

Also, can we work out ALOT when I’m there to visit?

22 12 2008

Okay, this is Mom, Meghan is still in bed and I don’t know how to change who is leaving a response. 🙂
What a great post, a wonderful ‘read’ first thing in the morning with a cat on my lap,snow out my window and a hot cup of coffee.
And yes, I’d too like to hear your wedding scenario. 🙂

22 12 2008
Father Smith

You look good wearing gloves! Jab…jab…go for the knock-out!

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