Snow Day!

19 12 2008


The picture has nothing to do with the post, I just felt like posting something artistic and I haven’t scanned anything new.

Today I had an actual snow day. You wouldn’t think that would be possible for a girl who’s not in school but I was cleverly incapable of getting to work tonight. Dad took my 4-wheel drive, snow-tire attired SUV out into the neighborhood and was spinning out really badly. Frankly, my job is not important enough for me to risk my life. Anyone can make coffee. Granted, I do it with flair and overwhelming cuteness, but so could an especially well-groomed chimp.

So instead mom and I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and read books and I painted. I also spilled water across an entire bookcase. Good job Meghan.

Oh! In addition to all of this wonderfulness, I’ve cracked open the draft of my novel once again. I tend to leave it for days or weeks at a time and then I have to go back and reread the whole thing before I start again. What I really need is a hard copy of the draft so I can attack it and fix grammar, sentence structure and clean up the wordiness. However, I can’t get that done until I get a new memory card and figure out if Kinko’s will print it for me. If I tried to do it on our printer it would take me days and probably drain my bank account for the ink.

I’m headed off for a two week long trip to Illinois at the end of January and I have hours and hours of layover time in Chicago. Hopefully I can have a draft of the story done so that I can work on it at the airport. Now that’s a goal… having the entire story at least first drafted by a month from today…


Oh! I also got to talk to one of my favorite people on the planet and he had an awesome Word for me. Good times.

Enjoy your weather wherever you are. I’m doing my best to enjoy ours.




2 responses

19 12 2008
Jennifer James

I got to hug Susan B in the prayer room today. That was cool.

19 12 2008

Oh! Jealous!

I got a prophetic word from Timothy Carr.

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