Three down Three to Go

17 12 2008

Of the six people who have been life-long friends and to whom I feel a certain responsibility toward, three are now married! Jen, Kesley and Stacie have all officially tied the knot. Now I have to get Zane, Erin and Jake married and I can RELAX. The good news is I will have nothing to do with the preperations for either Jake or Zane’s weddings. So really, it’s more like three down one to go!

I am so relaxed I could pass right out.

I had an awesome time at Stacie’s wedding. All 48 hours of it. I got to sleep over at the Shockley’s because I was too tired to drive home and that in itself was a very fun blessing. I love that family and their pug dogs.

The church got decorated, the bride was gorgeous, the reception came off without a hitch and I was blessed to be a part of it. Actually, I had so much help converting the sanctuary into the reception hall that we got the whole thing done in SIX MINUTES. The church’s wedding coordinators were hugely impressed. If you are interested there are a lot of pictures on facebook.

Now I feel like it’s actually time to focus on Christmas. Appropriate since the temperature has been down in the teen’s lately and all I can think of are warm boots. Anyone have $200 to blow on some Uggs for their favorite Meghan? Chocolate coloured please.

The flip side of that is that I have to get everyone’s Christmas presents ready and I have done NOTHING thus far. No shopping, no creativity-ing, nadda.

I hope ya’ll like canned soup and potted plants.

As for me, I don’t really want anything for Christmas. Excepting the Uggs, I have everything I need or want. The only thing that I can think of it money for my travel fund but money is such a bland gift. Oh well. I like books and movies.

We are having Christmas Eve with the Mansours. I am making a turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and mulled wine. Seriously. We are super fancy out here in Windsor Heights.

On a side note- I had another dream about a shopping mall. This time, though, I was making a movie there. As best I can figure, it means that the time is coming when I don’t have to ignore all my options or disregard any of my giftings in order to make movies.

Sometimes, you really can have it all. At least, you can when Jesus is in your corner.




4 responses

18 12 2008
Jennifer James

I wore my chocolate tall uggs yesterday. Today I am wearing my sundance Uggs. I crave tall or short black uggs. I desire!

Also, I wish I could buy you Uggs.

18 12 2008

Thanks, friend. Someday you can buy me some Ugg slippers… because rich people need $100 slippers in which to fetch their mail.

18 12 2008

I prefer to rock the mail-run with the 107 special (by gold toe) thanks.

18 12 2008

With real gold toes, right?

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