12 12 2008

Weddigns are lovely but they sure do stir up the soup-pot of life. I am hip-deep in my best friend’s wedding and enjoying myself almost 100% of the time. (The exception being when the holly for the decorations spears me.)

To make it all even more interesting, we are expecting snow starting tomorrow. Tomorrow also happens to be the day that I have to drive 45 minutes south to decorate the church and participate in the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. On the off chance that I get stuck in Renton, I am packing an overnight bag and asking the Shockley’s to [potentially] take me in.

So you shan’t hear from me for the next few days. Hopefully on Sunday I’ll sit down and catch you all up on my life to date. There is some school news as well as an interesting e-mail that might need to be shared.

A brief update to hold you over-
I’m still single.
I haven’t cleaned my room in a week.
All the Christmas decorations are up and they are wonderful!
I decorated a gingerbread house today with the Mansour kids.
Spray paint makes me sneeze.
I still only have one cat.
I’m looking for another cat.
I haven’t done ANY Christmas shopping yet.
I haven’t the faintest idea what to buy anyone!
All I want for Christmas is the next bend in the Road.




2 responses

14 12 2008
Jennifer James

I don’t know what to get you for Christmas!

18 12 2008

Don’t get me anything.
I’m so sick of “stuff” that I’d rather you sent me a nice card or, better yet, draw me a picture! That would make me totally happy.
Wait! I’ve got it! Best yet… pray for me. Hard. In the past two days I’ve recieved a package from NZ, then a package from LA. If Nathan Elliott actually calls me tomorrow that will be three “choices” being re-presented to me. As much prayer as you have in you would be greatly appreciated!

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