I tore my gluten threads

11 11 2008

Mondays are officially baking days. I’ve decided now that I’m working to set aside an entire day for nothing but relaxing and LIVING. Now, some of you think that my life already includes too much relaxing. I beg to differ. Nowhere can I find that life is improved by constant activity or busyness.

Now since Mondays are baking days, Sunday evenings are used to find Monday’s bread recipe. Last Sunday I spent a good chunk of time reading articles about how to bake bread. Apparently you knead bread in order to form the gluten strands that give bread it’s internal structure. Additionally you are NEVER supposed to cut into a warm loaf of bread because it tears the gluten strands and ruins the bread.

Yesterday I made lemon/nutmeg/potato/old recipe bread. (That isn’t the official name of it, by the way.) Well it took so long and smelled so good when done that mom and I were dying to try it. So we did the unthinkable and cut into the still warm-from-the-oven loaf. We tore the gluten strands, but for a good cause and with no visible negative effect.

On another note….

Sometimes when I sit down to write in my blog it doesn’t happen. The true reason for that is I just can’t sort out all the things that are happening in my brain. My life may seem simple (or even dull to the unimaginative) but there is a LOT of thinking that happens. I am really LIVING my life, enjoying the smell of my fresh-baked bread or the way raindrops make funny patterns on my window in the afternoon. I think that when life is thoroughly enjoyed it takes a lot of energy.

So I nap.

And did I mention painting, piano and “Great American Novel” writing?

Also, a shout out to Nick Loux for his amazing photography. You are a very talented young man, my friend!






2 responses

12 11 2008
Father Smith

And let me tell ya this bread was fantastic…three thumbs up…a real winner! Great job.

12 11 2008
Jennifer James

I ate the entire loaf of bread you left myself, with my friend Pam’s potato soup. It was so good…soooo goooood. I shall participate in bread making day with you when we come to visit. Loves to your living face!

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