Day Three: The Great Bread Caper

28 10 2008

Today was really fun. First thing in the morning I drove to Bothell to paint with a dear friend from our church. She has a beautiful house and an entirely seperate building for her art studio. Her studio is lovely and very conducive to painting. I can see that I’m going to have to buy another easel to store over there.

The fun thing about this friend is that she can and will talk about anything under the sun. The topics we covered today included (but were not limited to) politics, abortion, adoption, plastic surgery, family, mutual friends, shopping, church, fashion, my best friend and her wedding, getting married and the possibility of being taxed out of our skivvies should Obama win the election.

It was a really good morning. especially because I painted a present for my best friend’s 22nd birthday while I was there.

After that I came home to an empty house. My dad worked a really long day today, poor thing. I cleaned the kitchen, made lunch and did my last load of laundry. After laundry came my second most favorite part of the day, snoozes. My cat was being annoying during snoozes so I turned my fan on her in the hopes that she’d go away. It didn’t work.

After my nap I decided to attempt another kind of bread. I wish that I had pictures because it was pretty epic. (Keep in mind, this is my second loaf of bread ever!)

First mistake- attemping to halve a recipe which called for “three eggs”. You just cannot conveniently do that. Second mistake- forgetting that you can use a stand mixer to mix bread. I dirtied a whole extra bowl because I only realized it AFTER I’d mixed the yeast mixture. Third mistake- Picking a recipe that was created for the Carr family. I halved it and it still could have fed an army.

I mixed the dough and let it rise the first time without major error. It was meant to be a twisty raison cinnamon bread and my real problem was when I decided to get creative with that idea [without properly flouring my board]. I rolled out the rather large dough pile and spread it with sugar, cinnamon and applesauce. Now up till now I was actually doing pretty well. But when I went to roll the dough into a bread-like shape I realized that a) it was sticking to the board, b) the applesauce was running out everywhere and c) it was just too much dough!

Then I let it rise an hour in a warm oven. You can imagine the result… My dad called it the food baby. I named it Tiny Tim.

It tastes pretty good, though!




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