Day Two: Dishes, Dogs and Dirty Laundry

27 10 2008

I woke up early. I woke up early to retrieve my dog. I woke up early to retrieve my dog because my dad works and I’m the only other option.

It was a foggy day on Happy Hound Drive when I pulled up to get my Gustis. The air was cold and I was still slightly foggy brained. But Gus looked none the worse for wear and wasn’t even mad at me like he normally is after we kennel him. Half an hour after I got home the owner of the Happy Hound called to give us a debrief of our dog’s stay. He had a special bed in the kitchen with a blanket to go over him. After the first two nights they decided that he was lonely in his own room so they put him in a room with some of the other old farts. He went to the hardwear store and had lots of treats. When he got home today he alternated between lying in the sun inside and lying in the sun outside. It’s a rough life.

My major task today was laundry. I managed it without too many problems, though my father informed me that “those shirts don’t get folded, they get hung up.” I’m a laundress but not a maid. I can wash up but I’m hopeless when it comes to putting things away properly. He didn’t seem too fazed by it, though, so that’s ok. I still have one load left but everyone has socks and underpants which I think is a day well spent.

For dinner my father had chili and I experimented with my favorite dish, pot pie. It was a deluxe delicacy and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

After dinner I made a trip to Michaels to buy canvas and paint. I ended up with three new paint colours, four canvasses and an empty checking account.

Did I mention that I have discovered my own personal heaven? There is a new theatre opening in Redmond that specializes in fine wine, fine dining and a very fine experience. They have a four star menu, a full bar, reclining seats and waiters who serve you at your seat. I want to either work there, live there, or go on many many dates there. (The first option seems the most likely.) Now, all this is not cheap… tickets are $35 each.

Worth every penny.




One response

28 10 2008
Jennifer James

I am very glad that Gus was happy at the Happy Hound Hotel. Also that Dad was happy with chili.

That new theatre sounds AWESOME! Do they do movies, or shows?

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