Day 1: Domestic Goddess

26 10 2008

Mission: To fill my mother’s shoes while she aids in the birth of her first grandchild.

Objective: Not to die. Not to run out of money. Not to let my father starve. Not to let him run out of clean clothes.

Today’s task: Make dinner.

I woke up at a little before ten which isn’t as late as it sounds since I went to bed at one o’clock. I got on facebook and saw that Amy Rueter had posted a recipe for soup. It was this incredible sounding creamy vegetable concoction that involved La Crueset pans and a food processor (two of my favorite things). It sounded like a marvelous sort of Sunday dinner. Only then did I realize that you can’t just have soup; you need to have bread to go with it!

I remembered that mom has a pumpkin-cheese foccacia bread recipe. Since I’ve never made bread before, and since this new soup looked ever so slightly complicated, I thought it’d be a great idea to attempt a new skill. I’m nothing if not a brave little soul.

The soup required about seven different kinds of vegetables that we didn’t have in the house and I needed cheese and yeast for the bread. So, after conferring with the man with the moola, and recieving his credit card I headed out for QFC. (I worried a little about the having-a-credit-card-that-wasn’t-actually-mine thing but figured it wouldn’t be any big deal.)

It took me a while at QFC because they had artfully mixed a big pile of various squashes together. I needed acorn squash and had NO idea what I was looking for. I grabbed something that looked like a big green acorn and dug around until I found one of it’s brothers which actually had a sticker. I guessed right the first time! My new super power is squash identification.

Anyway, I got everything I needed and went through U-scan. I’m worried about QFC because the [blonde] girl in charge of the U-scan didn’t ask me to sign anything for the charge. Very strange. It actually frustrated me. If someone jacks my credit card and tries to buy crimini mushrooms and yeast, I want someone watching my back!

Did I mention it was a beautiful fall day in the Northwest and that the five minute drive was perfectly perfect? It was and it was.

The first thing I did was make the bread. It went suprisingly well. I got covered in pumpkin dough and had to fit a short nap in while the bread was rising. The bread alone took me from noon to 3:30 to finish. I was able to give some good friends of ours a loaf, though and that was really exciting.

When the bread had finished it was immediatly time to start the soup. I chopped and diced and roasted and stirred and mixed. I scooped squash out of it’s skin and determined whether the green part of leeks is meant to be eaten. Heck, I made something with red pepper in it! Red pepper, mushrooms, carrot, potato, acorn squash, leek, onion, tumeric, tarragon, and cinnamon actually.

Three cheers to Amy for the recipe!

Anyway, I cooked for five hours and the end result was well worth it. Dinner was great and well appreciated by the other inmate.

It was fun but I eagerly await the return of the REAL domestic goddess.

Tomorrow: Laundry! (And retrieval of the retriever.)




6 responses

27 10 2008
Donna James

Oh Meghan ——-you are so cute!!! I loved the retrieval of the retriever!!

27 10 2008
Jennifer James

Yeah I agree, that’s a brilliant culminating sentence. That soup and bread sounds AMAZING. I can’t wait until you are here to visit Caden and Aaron and I. Will you make us some soups? We could freeze them and eat your wonderful foods for days!

Also- Laundry isn’t so hard, as long as you remember not to wash your babys’ brand new dark blue blanket with his also brand new white sheets and towels. Luckily, light blue works, because that’s the color his sheets and onesies are now.

27 10 2008
Father Smith

The meal was fantastic!

27 10 2008

Way to go little girl!!! But please do not spoil the boy, I will be back!

28 10 2008

It’s funny… As I was reading I was thinking… this dish needs a good bell pepper but didn’t think it likely to find it here– yet lo and behold there it was right in the recipe.

28 10 2008

Indeed. The first time I’ve ever knowingly and voluntarily put a bell pepper into something that I was cooking. When I come and visit I’ll make it for your family. You can have some if you haven’t already moved on to fame and fortune.

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