I Design Wedding Dresses

21 10 2008

(The above picture is in honor of Erin.)

In fact, I design weddings dresses with almost alarming frequency.

Today I was looking at engagement rings with my mom. Just browsing the internet for fun. Also, in the hopes that if I show her enough pictures of the kind of stuff I like, she’ll remember and pass on the hints when my turn comes around. When I could get her to stop picking out ones for herself it was really fun! Our favorite is this one. It’s a little pricey but when the man involved is purely fictional, there is no budget! (Does it mean anything that when I went to find the page, the first link that I clicked on landed me on the exact ring that I was thinking of?)

Then I had a brainwave. If I’m going to have a 1930’s Art Deco ring, I should probably have a dress designed in the same style. Enter Madame Gres. She designed Greek-inspired dresses that have this amazing architectural look. Her dresses are incredibly soft and beautiful while still being interesting.

So I did what I always do when weddings come up in conversation; I design the bride’s dress. Last week it was a pile of Oreos, Erin’s enormous couch and her stack of bridal magazines that led me to sketch out her perfect dress. This week it’s a ring, my mom, two HUGE glasses of water, some slices of ham and three canker sores. And I think I’m finally getting to the perfect design for my own dress.

Now I just have to find a man. Or, better yet, get some kind of arranged marriage deal where someone ELSE finds the man.

Does that work in this country?




One response

21 10 2008
Jennifer James

I have one thing to say :that ring is huge for your itty bitty fingers. Also, I love it. Good sapphires and good emeralds are incredibly expensive, but totally worth it. I love it so.

I also love you.

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