“I didn’t know I could bend like that”

20 10 2008

No, it wasn’t my audition for Cirque de Soleil. Nor was it gymnastics practice. Nor am I reinventing my sadly truncated history as a ballet dancer.

It was none of the above. Instead, it was my attempt at turning orchard worker. The apples on our one tall apple tree have been ripe for a few days now, and we knew we had to get them down before our trip to CA. So it was mom for the ladder, Meghan for climbing said tree.

Now, getting up is one thing, reaching the [non-rodent nibbled] apples is an entirely different matter. This tree has lots of little limbs that kept getting in my way and I had to put all my wieght on vaguely untrustworthy little twigs. Then once I GOT the apples I had to toss them into my [very nice wicker] laundry basket that got kiped for work in the “orchard”. I had a lot of trouble hitting a fairly large target that was a max of ten feet under me.

Pretty lame, I know.

Other than that today I have gone out to lunch, done a prophetic painting, took a nap, helped a little with laundry, made some apple slices to be dried, eaten dinner, played with my neighbor’s cats (long story), practiced piano and wrote the story that you’ll find below.

There are some other miscellaneous things, but I can’t think of them now. I think it’s time for some sleeps.




One response

20 10 2008
Jennifer James

I often feel it is time for sleeps. Like right now, in fact. But first, I must shower, use PUPPPs soap, and wash off the hair slivers from my hair cut.

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