I rethought the two-blog thing

16 10 2008

I got a little tired of having two blogs. If I could figure out a way I’d just import everything from that one to this. Since I can’t, I will just start posting my art stuff here.

This is a horse head that I doodled in my freshman year of high school. This was back when I first learned to draw and I worked really hard on this piece. It’s graphite on sketching paper.

As to other news… I spent a wonderful weekend in Spokane with my dearest friend, Erin. We went to Phantom of the Opera, watched movies, hung out with her family and ate pizza. I find visits to her house to be wonderfully refreshing. I always come home feeling both sad because I miss my friend and completely renewed.

This week I went into Seattle with Michael Carr, took a few naps and did a little work. I’ve got three shifts at Village this week and then I’m off to California for a week!

I have to go practice piano right now. There is NO TIME TO WASTE!




2 responses

17 10 2008
Jennifer James

You are such a Renaissance woman of many skillz. You even have the outfit. What did you and Michael do in Seattle?

Also. When you come out to visit, I want you to work on a tattoo design for me.

19 10 2008
Father Smith

What a gift you’ve been given! I love the picture of the horse.

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