Fall Day 2008

8 10 2008

I couldn’t figure out why I was so reluctant for it to be fall. I was seriously miffed when the days stopped being sunny, the sun set super early and the strange men came to take down our awning. I’ve never been so perturbed by the change of season’s before. It was starting to have a serious impact on my attitude.

But a couple of days ago I had a realization. This is my first fall in two years. That’d put a kink in anyone’s colon. I’ve been used to winter and I’ve been used to summer but fall is utterly alien and therefore thoroughly unwelcome.

Once I figured it out, though, I began to revel in the glory of autumn. I drink tea, several cups a day in fact. I wear a coat to work and enjoy it. I sleep in men’s socks pulled up to my knees. I’m watching the employees at work succumb to their first seasonal cold and am enjoying my ultra-fancy immune system. The occasional storms are a delight to my soul. My dad looked at me the other day and said “I figured out why you always want to stop and look at shrubs when we go for a walk. Remember how Nathan (my neighbor’s youngest son) calls you the ‘girl in the green house’? You are the modern day Anne of Green Gables.”

And it’s SO true.

Another thing I am loving is the COLOURS! (That’s “COLORS” for you Americans out there.) I take walks and pick out all the best trees, hoping someday to have an entire yard filled with nothing but these gorgeous trees. The landscape in fall is so poignant to me and continually reminds me of how beautiful the Lord is.

So yeah, I’m over it. I’m back to loving fall.




3 responses

9 10 2008
Jennifer James

I love fall! We missed fall last year, it went straight from upper 70’s to low 40’s, virtually over night.

It looks like we are gearing up for something similar this year, which is a bummer.

9 10 2008

But it will be nice to have winter, si?

I shall be there to revel in the winter-ness with you!

19 10 2008
Jennifer James

Yes winter will be nice, when I can wear pants without the scary belly panel that itches me madly.

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