The Strangest Dream

7 10 2008

Last night I had a couple of dreams that kind of ran together. In the first one I was in Michaels Arts and Crafts buying things for my trip to Spokane. I picked a bunch of stuff out then put it all back again. When my boyfriend (!… he was taller than me) came up wanting to check out and leave I had to go back and pick up everything all over again. Then I wanted to buy a colouring book but they didn’t have any good ones.

The second dream/second part of the first dream I was standing in a backyard that looked a lot like Lynn and Barry’s. There were a bunch of young people around and one of them handed me a clipboard. She then walked over and handed this Middle-Eastern looking guy another clipboard. On it was a character outline like you do in theatre class. We were supposed to fill it out because we were going to be the male and female leads in a Toby Keith music video. Our characters were fighting but really liked each other and secretly wanted to be together. Then I found a preying mantis and picked it up. There was a net with a bunch of spiders in it too. The guy came over to write a note on my arm but his pencil wouldn’t write on my skin. He kind of grinned and walked away saying “you can’t stain the ivory!” I shouted after him that my dream was to have skin pigmentation. The director came over to talk to me about the shoot. He asked me what direction my character was going and asked that I not talk to the [very good looking] middle eastern guy because he wanted the story to be spontaneous. At which point the setting changed to the location for the shoot. There were a lot of good looking well dressed people wandering around and I was supposed to be searching for the guy. I was in a yellow cocktail dress.

At which point my alarm cruelly woke me up. I was having fun!

Note- This post is solely for the entertainment of My Sister.




4 responses

7 10 2008

I am very entertained. Mostly by the “you can’t stain the ivory” comment.

What fun dreams you have.

7 10 2008

Too bad my stupid alarm goes off and ruins them!

Yeah, I’m thinking of getting a shirt made that says “You Can’t Stain the Ivory”. People will think it’s some kind of socio-political group.

8 10 2008
Jennifer James

Or that you like elephants.

Did you know ivory turns black if it’s not exposed to sunlight?

8 10 2008

Serious? I didn’t know that.

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