A Sample

7 10 2008

I’ve spent most of my recent time either drawing, writing or practicing piano. Now, since I don’t ever plan on posting the writing here, I thought I’d put up one of my drawings. If it piques your interest check out my art blog.




3 responses

7 10 2008
Father Smith

Very Cool! Now I know why you stop a gaze at all those trees:)

7 10 2008

You are a very gifted leaf drawer. Mine always end up looking like those turkey hand prints kids make.

7 10 2008

I love the turkey hand prints! I actually have to learn to draw hands in the next two days because that’s what my art class wants to learn. GASP!

And yes, dad, I stare at the trees partly for that reason. Partly also because God has turned me back into a five year old and partly because I am the Suburban American Anne of Green Gables.

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