I Lose Things

30 09 2008

“I’m sorry, ok? I lost it!”
“We’re royal ! We’re not supposed to lose it, other people are supposed to lose it! We’re supposed to find it!”

Quote courtesy of The Princess Diaries.

I have a wonderful talent for losing things. I’ve lost a digital camera (I think it might have been stolen), my favorite pair of pink sunglasses, countless bookmarks and more than one pair of fuzzy socks. Most recently I lost the battery charger for my digital camera. The funny thing is I remember putting it somewhere and saying “I’ll never remember where I put this…”

I was right.

However, I’ve discovered a wonderful tool. I just ask Jesus where [whatever the particular item is] has got to. So far it’s had a marvelous rate of success.

That said, I’ve still not found my battery charger. Mostly because up until this moment, I’d forgotten my wonderful Saviour who cares about things like that. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Am I the only one who does this? Please tell me that someone else out there is as prone to object-loss as I am.




One response

30 09 2008
Jennifer James

I actually do this exact same thing. I have a pretty good track record of finding things, if I pray in tongues while I am looking for them.

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