Christmas in London

30 09 2008

I’ve decided that nothing would suit me better this year than Christmas in London. Once Stacie’s wedding is over I don’t have anything much going on so I’m going to grab Erin Laura and head across the pond for some Christmas cheer.

I’ve found a hotel just off of Hyde Park. It’s the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel and has a Superior Suite that is just up my alley. We’ll enjoy our deluxe accomodations overlooking Hyde Park, with a little color tv if the jet lag gets too bad.

One of my long-standing dreams is to go to a play in London’s West End. It’s their version of Broadway and holds way more appeal for me. Moreover, I would love to see some Shakespeare in Shakespeare’s home and my favorite of his shows, Twelfth Night is running through Christmas.

Now, if you are going to see a show in London’s West End, you have to dress the part. I have a blue cocktail dress that would do. However, if I find that I have a little extra cash I might buy something from a great designer, Oscar de la Renta. Make sure to check out the back view. Honestly, there is a lot of flippancy in these ‘dream trip’ posts, but I honestly would dress in nothing but Oscar de la Renta if I could.

So there are a few of my ideas for my trip to London. Would anyone out there add anything?




6 responses

1 10 2008
Jennifer James

Will you drink in a pub? That seems pivotal to a trip to England. If only to help you choke down the english food.

1 10 2008

Yes there will be pub-drinking. I dont know WHAT I’ll drink since I hate beer and wine, but I’ll figure something out. Maybe the Brit’s have a version of Ale8?

1 10 2008
Jennifer James

I LOVE THE dress on that Oscar De La Renta link. I also love his bridal and his furs. Let’s get rich and go shopping.

you could always drink soda.

1 10 2008


Good idea…

2 10 2008
Mother Smith

Have I mentioned lately that I love my girls!!!

3 10 2008
Jennifer James

We love you too mom. We think you are most excellent.

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