Driving Your Cat Crazy 101

28 09 2008

This morning I stayed home from church to make soup. While out in my garden, knee deep in really damp plants, I realized that I should probably harvest some catnip before the first frost comes and kills it. So I clambered over the Italian Parsley, the Marjoram and the nameless flowers and cut off about a pound of catnip. I washed it and spread it on a towel on the kitchen counter.

So between the “chicken carcass bubbling in a pan” smell and the overwhelming odor of catnip, my cat looks like she had multiple personality disorder. She keeps wandering from place to place looking pretty cranked up and completely confused.

Good times.




4 responses

28 09 2008
Jennifer James

She kind of looks like that all the time, doesn’t she? So what do you do with that catnip? Dry it or what?

What is the street value of an entire pound of catnip?

28 09 2008

About “fitty cents”. I was thinking of buying myself some mexican bubble gum with it.

Yeah, she usually looks pretty cranked up. The only exception being when she’s fallen asleep on the arm I particularly want at that particular moment.

28 09 2008
Jennifer James

Better your arm than your face. That would make it hard to breathe.

Do you give the cat all the catnip at once, just to see what happens?

28 09 2008

That’d be pretty funny. I could see this happening…

We’ll see how boring tomorrow is.

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