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24 09 2008

I don’t post very much for the simple reason that my daily life is simple and my inner life too complicated (and “inner”) to be posted on the internet. There are a few interesting tidbits worth sharing, though.

I’m teaching my first art lesson tomorrow. We are going to start with basic forms and move on to acrylic painting soon. Student 1 wants to learn semi-abstract, student 2 likes to draw flowers and student 3 has yet to express an opinion. Directly following said art lesson will be my first piano lesson, for which I have a substitute teacher since my actual teacher has double booked herself.  I already know how to do inversion, which is not something that you need to know when the only key that you can play in is C major. (Not that they are related, it’s more of a level of technical ability that doesn’t go with MY technical ability.)

I found myself at the mall actually looking for a pair of skinny jeans. I once promised Stacie that I would never ever wear them, but they are infinitly more comfy than dress pants and heaps warmer than skirts. They’d be a real boon for work.

I’m hardly working at all, and I’m ok with that. There is the tension of a dwindling bank account vs my abhorrence of working for the sake of work, but I’m moving past it.

“Armadilloified” is my new favorite word and has prophetic significance.

I’ve been sleeping with all my down comforters and it makes me oh so happy.

I almost had a conniption when I realized that I wouldn’t be home for the season premiere of The Office. When I saw my work schedule and realized that I would  it made me unnaccountably pleased.

My mom now has an iPod and spent her evening putting all her favorite music on it.

I love the Washington Lottery commercial where all the flightless birds get taken hang-gliding. It makes me a little weepy.

Karina and Rachel after 30 minutes of working on my back have told me that I have “forward neck posture” that is partially responsible for my rock hard neck and back muscles. They aren’t rock hard in a good way. More of a “do you ever take deep breaths?!” way. I’ve been told to hang backwards off of furniture so my neck dangles and to do bridges at frequent intervals. When I’m done typing this I will do both.

Karina thinks I might be growing again. I have been unusually tired and hungry lately. Though I don’t think that oreo cravings are an indication of growth…

Yellow roses have been replaced by goldy-pink-orange ones as my favorite flower. Thanks Woodland Park Zoo Rose Garden for that.

I just bought the movie that got me through my last month in New Zealand. It’s called She’s the Man and it’s an Amanda Bynes movie loosely based on Twelth Night by William Shakespeare. It’s a very loose adaptation on my favorite play and it’s stinking hysterical. Seriously. Brilliant.

I’ve almost given up on finding a man 6’4″ or over who isn’t totally weird. Almost.

I’m going to go see Phantom of the Opera in Spokane here in a few weeks. Only I would drive four hundred miles to see a show because I’ve already seen it at the theatre in my own town.

I’m super excited about being an aunt.

Psalm 20 is my current favorite.

That’s all for now. Lovings to everyone!




3 responses

25 09 2008
Jennifer James

I am also super excited for you to be an aunt. I can’t wait. Really, I can’t. Please hurry up Caden!

Also- I DO and have cried at the flightless bird going hang-gliding commercial. Especially the penguin.

25 09 2008
Mother Smith

That commercial is brilliant!!! I wonder what the birds think?
I love my girls and can’t wait to be a Grandma. I’m already planning Caden and my first hike.

26 09 2008
Jennifer James

Let’s just not do that first hike in January. I dont’ want a Caden-sicle.

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