A Challenge

22 09 2008

—I am going to start a story. I want someone out there in the blogosphere to take it up where I leave off. You can add a paragraph, a sentence or as much as you want to the narrative. Leave it at another “cliffhanger” and I’ll take over again and finish it. Who’s game?!—

Ned thought his life was interesting but he doubted that anyone else would find it so. He worked very hard and enjoyed collecting doorknobs in his spare time. His hobbies are, for our purposes, incidental and immaterial.

Ned worked for the Department of Unnecessary Road Works. It was Ned’s job to find the most used roads and decide to alter them in some “vitally important” but really ridiculous way. It was his secret delight to inconvenience as many people as possible with the least trouble to his sister department, the Department of Employing Road Workers at Exhorbant Rates to Little Purpose.

Once, in his first year on the job, a vital road had been washed out by unseasonable and unexpected rains. Ned had signed and stamped the appropriate paperwork to drain the road one bucket of water at a time. His sister department was able to employ two sullen, chain-smoking workers to stand on either end of the wash-out with signs that read “Wash-Out”.

Like we’ve said, Ned worked very hard. And he wasn’t an evil man. He wasn’t even a very bad-tempered man. In fact, Ned really liked people. Ned was simply a victim of a sullen government and a sense of humour that lent itself to enjoying traffic jams for the ridiculous anger they inspired in his fellow drivers.

His job as an inspector for the Department of Unnecessary Road Works had held his attention for twenty years, but it was starting to get old. He was unmarried, unattached and without so much as a pet canary. No matter how much a man might love his job, there are only so many hours per day in which one can conduct business.

Occasionally Ned did get out of the office. Today he was inspecting a road to see where speed bumps could be installed. It was an almost deserted back road where the only houses were occupied by little old ladies who only ever drove 15mph. Speed bumps then, were demanded by company policy.

It was then that he saw Her.




One response

23 09 2008
Jennifer James

She was, perhaps, the most beautiful automobile he had ever seen. Cherry red, two doors, that kind of top that looked like it was made of leather soft enough to swim in, that folded down.

Now, Ned, being a devotee of ridiculous roads, was, by nature, also an avid walker. He walked everywhere. He even had those special walking sticks that looked like ski poles, to help his momentum.

When you walk, you can’t get stalled up at a construction site, and if you ever came to a washed out road you could always just swim. Walking was Ned’s thing.

Ned felt that sinking feeling in his stomach, and knew She was going to change everything.

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