My New Baby

17 09 2008

Not to be confused with my sister’s new baby, who isn’t actually new yet as he is still womb-ified.

Yesterday I bought a Yamaha P85 digital piano. It’s cute as a button, a full 88 keys, weighted and the most exciting thing in my life since I became taller than my sister.

I’ve been wanting to play piano since I was little. A combination of poor teaching styles, my hatred for learning to read music, and the wrong idea that I am “just not a musician” has kept me from ever learning. My family’s dear friend Lynn is trading my music lessons for art lessons for her three kids. I’m going to teach them basic artistic techniques and she’s going to teach me the “chord” method of learning piano.

The guy at the music store was a kick in the pants. He knew Lynn by name, asked after Chrissy (a super talented guitar player that we all know) and was incredibly helpful. I got an insane deal and now have an account set up at American Music in Bellevue.

So now I’m sitting on my couch watching a PBS special on Pavarotti. You know he’s an amazing opera singer because I am actually watching him sing opera. I hate opera.

I also hate golf, but I could learn to change that…




2 responses

18 09 2008
Jennifer James

Caden is still definitely womb-ified. Though he’s stretching his limits in there, let me tell you.

I am so excited you got a keyboard! I think it’s super cool you are going to learn piano. I am very proud of your many talents.

18 09 2008

Thanks ever so! I love YOUR many talents.

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